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  1. Anyway thought I'd head here to discuss this celestial event - twitter is almost as bad as the BBC/major news outlets for completely Rubbish/out of date info.
  2. Been following this comet all evening. To my untrained eye it definitely looks like some of the comet has survived... Wish LASCO c3 would update though, 00:18 is the last picture ! Could compare the pixels to this with a new pic...
  3. Wow what a monster that was - saw it here just south of Sheffield, real long and slow across the sky compared to other 'shooting stars' I have seen
  4. Hmm Just a thought but if at the T0 "Creation" point of the universe an equal number of -ve and +ve particles were created, then why not the same for gravity, and the -ve gravity particles are now pushed back beyond the observability horizon, but it is these -ve gravity particles that are causing the observable universe to accelerate outwards, even though the local +ve (normal) gravity causes stellar formation etc ?
  5. The way we deal with galactic (And especially solar) radiation here on earth is through the earth's magnetic field, and this is generated by the rotation of magnetic metals in the earth's core. Would it be possible on a future spaceship/ark to generate a magnetic field in the centre by spinning iron incredibly quickly or some other method of generating a magnetic field to shield the craft in order to 'shield' the craft from radiation that may have a damaging effect on the occupants ? Also the field could be varied as I'd guess there is less deep space radiation once you are significantly away from stars/large radioactive Jupiter planets (Say halfway between here and Proxima Centauri) than say 50,000 km from Mars ? I think this in conjunction with more traditional shielding may be the answer although the technology/cost is probably outside of our lifetimes. Has any work been done on generating magnetic fields to mitigate radiation ?
  6. Briefly scanned the paper - note he has referenced himself (Penrose) 5/14 references xD
  7. If a mod wants to move to (Discussion) please do so since this is mostly visual
  8. Naked eye - looked out of window this morning, too cold to go out and noticed what definitely was Venus, looked through my binocs and it appeared as if it had had a chunk missing from it. Viewed what I thought was Saturn but a quick check of Stellarium revealed it was Arcturus. Went back downstairs and looked again - defo Saturn this time using Stellarium as a reference. Then noticed a plane heading thrrough between Venus and Saturn though the flight path looked a bit 'orbity' to me, so I wondered hmm is this a satellite and being reasonably bright observed it, went upstairs and looked at Stellarium, turns out the ISS was only ~ 800 km away ! So I'm pretty sure I observed this - speed seemed about right too. Time of observation about 6:48 by the way.
  9. The raw (even adjusted for inflation) cost of getting back to the moon seems to have increased many times >< someone correct me if I'm wrong. Hopefully Virgin Galactic will spark a new commercial space race
  10. Either the universe formed from a 'singularity' of exceptional (Not infinite) density, or it existed in some form before, or its a bubble of a yet larger multiverse, or some other theory. In all theories one must accept that either Our universe originated from nothing or It has existed eternally in one form or another. Both are tricky concepts to get the mind round.
  11. That cloud appreciation doesn't have endless pictures of the 'British Full-sky grey' variety tho xD
  12. David - A look at where needs lighting based upon a starting point of ZERO lights in the 'model' would be an excellent idea.
  13. A bit more searching on FB revealed Keep our Skies Dark - but again its a group although you don't have to wait to join unlikke mine. I have tried to create a page with their like button 'Save our night sky' as there is currently no page of this type with the 'like' feature. I feel I'm being a bit unsuccesful as the method of adding a like button to this type of page seems - well odd.
  14. I changed the name of the group from Turn off all streetlights, to anti-streetlight as there are some places (junctions/roundabouts) that do need them. I live in an area of mixed social and private housing, its certainly not 'rich', but I'd feel perfectly safe there with or without streetlights.
  15. Of course your opinion is shared by many many others (probably the majority) Sailor, but I think its important that the powers that be know there is a differing viewpoint as well.
  16. Probably because I buried the actual link in page 9 !! /#!/home.php?sk=group_138582432856909 Log in | Facebook
  17. Some good news it seems maybe regarding light pollution BBC News - Newsnight - Many councils switching off street lights to save money BBC News - Newsnight - Which councils are switching off street lights? As the chap from Notts CC said regarding if crime goes up - Well we'll just turn the lights back on xD
  18. Orion, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, polaris, Jupiter have all disappeared from the sky ! Or its cloudy - one of the two. Going to write tonight off, would have stayed up later on the weekend, but looks like the cloud is here to stay - hope others have more success with their leonid viewing.
  19. Nada at the moment, some street lights over the horizon and Leo is just too low. Will play some more starcraft 2 then try again when Leo is a touch higher. I know peak time is 4 am but its a bit late ^^;
  20. Going to see if I can catch any now that Leo is peeking his head over the horizon. I reckon if I walk to the end of my cul-de-sac then there should be no streetlights in my field of view and theres fields after that. Anyway lets have a look - can't really stay out all night work tommorow >< !
  21. Hmm What would they be sent there with ? 1,000,000 tins of baked beans ? Or some plants and water and plastic to create an 'ecodome' Why can't NASA create a spacecraft that can lift off from Mars, the apollo series lifted off from the moon which has 1/6 the gravity of earth, Mars is only 1/3 so it shouldn't be so much tougher. Perhaps a mission to Deimos would be easier since the gravity requirement would be much less ? A telescope on the far side of the moon would also be interesting, a man (or woman) landing on Mars with a TV camera broadcast to the whole world knowing they'll never come back would be kind of magnificent, mind blowing and eery and ghoulish all at the same time. Decent propulsion systems should be developed in the meanwhile (Maybe Nuclear) in order to get us places quicker.
  22. Not sure if I saw Hartley 2 tonight - semi rural location, just about 6 pleides visible with naked eye (10ish with binocs) one or two odd lights about. Anyway saw a shooting star at 23:54 and can identify Auriga/capella readily now.
  23. I've added everyone that has applied to join the group. Thanks all so much for joining. Abreak.. how is the area around Bath nowadays - i used to be a student there, do the sports dept lights still outshine the Bath Uni telescope xD ? Edit: Renamed to Anti Street Light Group.
  24. /#!/home.php?sk=group_138582432856909 eugh the link didn't copy properly just add www.facebook.com in front
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