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  1. I am doing an associates in science, because it gets me 2 semesters closer to graduation, and it is at least loosely related to my new chosen field of programming. My school doesn't have a programming degree, though I can take some courses as an elective. So, any ideas on what will be taught? Algebra 2 is a requirement. (I have up to calculus). Edit I am taking this course, because it is one of the ones that actually interest me. It counts also as a lab science.
  2. It looked like it was falling away from my location and down, and happened just a hair longer than it takes to blink.
  3. Last night I was just about to turn in when I decided to walk out the door and test my binoculars for a moment or two. I just happened to be looking in the northern sky for no particular reason when I saw a very very short very very bright yellow/white streak that looked like I'd always imagined a fireball to look. It also looked very small. I'm thinking it might have been space junk or something. Any ideas? Are rocks falling from space normally yellow/white? I have never seen anything but the normal shooting star the very very tiny very hard to see around here kind.
  4. I found out just before sunset there was going to be a binocular visible comet (I have 15x70s) somewhere near Venus. There were only three things visible at the time I took it out, the first was the obvious Venus, the second and third were these two dim objects I could only see with my binoculars, and I couldn't tell if they were stars, one appeared not to be blinking, but I wasn't sure they were so faint. The two faint objects were just above Venus. The sun was down and it was dark, though I do live in a city with a moderate amount of light pollution.
  5. The whole purpose would be to help me learn and practice coding, and I figured since there are already dozens of those kinds of apps, and programs out there that do that that it might not be that difficult for someone like me to do.
  6. I'm just curious. Is it a matter of just finding the algorithm that keeps track of where things are in the sky and deciding what it is you want to keep track of? This is going to be a hobby project for me so no telling if it will ever actually be finished and workable.
  7. Merci pour les repliques (Thanks for the replies) I've often wondered about taking things like astro gear to other countries. This should be fun research.
  8. I'm planning a solo trip to France and one thing I realized just awhile ago, that since I'm soloing, I could make a stop someplace specifically for stargazing at night. My goal is to stay most of my time in one or two places in France the entire time (length will be decided on when I decide I've saved enough) However that doesn't mean I'm above stopping some place out in the country for a night or two to stargaze in a place I've never been before. Also, would I have any problem bringing over my big astro binoculars? If you're curious this is going to partially be a language building trip. I also want to do some touristy stuff (when in Rome, or in this case Paris....)
  9. I thought it was something like that! Thanks, I'll have a couple of hours to find the sun tomorrow! I may keep it up after this as a way of having something to do in the afternoon.
  10. I remembered I have a solar filter for my small telescope that I got for the Venus transit, and I can't for the life of me remember the trick in aligning it to the sun without melting my eyes, can anyone help me out?
  11. It seems like it's been years since I've been able to do more than spotty gazing here and there, and since I had the opportunity before I went to bed I took my small telescope out tonight to test it and see if there were anything wrong with it. There was a spot though it wasn't on the scope and I think something may have gotten someplace inside one of my eyepieces and I was wondering is there an easy way of a finding it (I think it is a tiny something) b: getting it without damaging anything?
  12. I asked for some astronomy binoculars for Christmas because lately I just haven't been in the mood to lug either of my telescopes out, and besides it's been cloudy most of the time I want to observe anyway. I got a pair of 15x70 binoculars, and the views so far are ineradicable, and it takes no time to just walk around the back carrying them. I can see all three stars in orions belt together, I can see the whole of the sword as well. It has not been clear enough yet to actually do anything other than orions nebula but even that looks pretty good for just a pair of binocs. At first my goal was see everything as close as I could, I still like that, but I now understand the power of seeing it all just a little bit closer. I star hopped quite a bit just roaming the sky trying to remember where old favorites were. I just needed something to give me the excuse to get out again I guess.
  13. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000OXMMPE?ascsubtag=pfb-DPD-1-2-1445155950515UH&ref_=pfb_DPD_1_2_1445155950515UH&tag=hydfbook0e-20What about these?
  14. Will any of the brigher nebulae be visible in binoculars? I realize that may be asking a lot, but I'd at least like to gaze at Orions nebula once in awhile, but that may be for my telescope instead.
  15. My grandfather had a pair of 10x50s that were a favorite of mine to use while stargazing when I didn't have a telescope, I was hoping now though to have a pair of my own for when I didn't have the energy to get the telescope out and just wanted to spend a few minutes looking up without all the hassle. What do I look for in astronomy binoculars? I want to be able to hold them of course, and maybe use them for other things, like at the beach watching the wildlife, that sort of thing. Any suggestions, or at the very least suggestions on where I could look for my answers?
  16. I've been studying trig and pre calculus, and was wondering if figuring out what your parabola will look like is as simple as knowing the diameter of your circle? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. I saw one, I had no idea they were happening though! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I've never used it, but I'm wondering if any of you have? Whats it like?
  19. Merci beaucoup pour les suggestions. Anywho you learn best when its sonmething you want to do, and with materials you find interesting or fun.
  20. I've been learning French and have been searching for audio or video in subjects I enjoy. One is obviously astronomy. I'd love a podcast in French but I've not seen any as of yet. I'll take YouTube vids as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. After months of very hazy or pretty much awful viewing conditions it's starting to seem like I can see stars once again. So any ideas as to what I could do now that I might have more than a couple of clear nights? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. I was wondering what to do about a dusty mirror? I've not used my scope in nearly a year, perhaps more, and the mirror is dusty. What do I do? (I think it's dusty anyway, there are what look like spots on it as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. How is Normandy for sky gazing? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. I would like to say main land Europe if I haven't already, though Britanny sounds tres interessant.
  25. I've been planning a solo trip to Europe and I realized that since it's just me I can geek out under the northern skies if I so choose, without boring the others in my party. So I thought that part of my requirement was to find someplace that I'd at least have one night of sky gazing. I would like to go to somewhere on the continent, By the time I will have gotten everything ready for this trip I'll have been to the UK twice and would like to see more of Europe. I'm considering two countries, France or Austria, France because I speak the language, and have always wanted to see certain places there, plus I wouldn't have to learn a new one. Austria because I've always wanted to visit Vienna. Does either place have any areas that are good for sky gazing? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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