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  1. Hi. I am just starting solar imaging. I have not done any H.a but have had some good images with white light filters. i have not kept any images but they seem to be quite straightforward to obtain providing the exposure times are correct. As soon as the sun is at a better altitude i will start imaging again. I have never used a Coronado p.s.t. so cannot comment on its use for imaging. If you are interested in imaging i usually do this from Croydon astronomical societys observatory at Kenley.
  2. Hi Everyone. Are there any solar imagers in the Redhill/Reigate areas. I have a solarscope 50 H.a. and white light telescopes. My imaging cameras are a DMK 41 mono camara and a Canon 1000d.
  3. I would be using Ha and white light telescopes.
  4. Can someone please tell me if there are any good guides available which cover solar imaging and processing.
  5. Can i use the alignmaster polar alignment software with a skyscan controller.
  6. Can someone please recommend a good polar alignment guide for a Heq5 pro mount.
  7. I have taken an image with a DMK 41 MONO CAMERA. can someone help by telling me how i can produce colour to the solar disk using photoshop elements.
  8. I have a solar image taken with a DMK41 mono camera. Can someone advise me as to how i can add colour to this using Photoshop elements. Processing is all new to me.
  9. Hi. I have just taken my first solar image with a dmk 41 mono camera. Can i add colour to this image with photoshop elements.
  10. I have a Canon 1000d. I find it an excellent camera for astrophotography.
  11. I have just started imaging with a Solarscope 50 and a dmk 41 imager. Is it possible to capture the full solar disk on one image. Thanks.
  12. Can someone tell me if it is possible to buy a modified camera for imaging.
  13. I am trying to play a solar imaging dvd on windows 7 quicktime player but i only get sound and no pictures. Can someone help please.
  14. I am considering having my Canon 1000d modified for deep sky imaging. Does anyone use a modified Canon 1000. Any comments please.
  15. Have a look at Jerry Lodriguss's Astro photography for beginners he uses the Canon 1000d.
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