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  1. Hi, I have read on various site that I can improve the collimation of my scope with a barlow attached to the laser. As instructed i cut out a piece of white plastic and drilled a centre hole in it and then attached it to the front of the barlow. So far so good. I then collimated the telescope without the barlow and once this was done I added the barlow to the laser. Everyhing is now dime and blurred and I cannot see the reflection of the primary mirror centre spot. What am i doing wrong. Thank you for your help. Vince
  2. Hi, Thank you for the replies. Yes I can reach focus without any difficulties and I do go back and forth to ensure best possible focus. Here is a link to the image. http://www.flickr.com/photos/61128796@N08/8371021034/in/photostream Thank you. Vince
  3. Hi, I can spend up to 2k for my new scope. It could be a collimation issue but going by the laser collimator everything seem to be perfect. The collimator is collimated properly as I did a check on that but still it could be a problem. The stars are round but bloated. Thank you for your help. Vince
  4. Hi, I am in the market for a new imaging scope but I am not sure which way I should go. I have a Mesu 200 mount so weight is not an issue. I have tried a 10" newt f4 but the image seen to be soft and slightly out of focus so I don't know if that is an issue. The 4" apo gives me some fantastic details but the scope is slow. I would like something must faster. So I am looking for a fast telescope which some crisp image. Your advise would be great. Vince
  5. Hi, I started using my Mesu 200 but I don't have a perfect polar alignment and i am no good at drifting so I thought I would buy Alignmaster which seem to be very good. Unfortunately on the AlignMaster the instructions states that this software is for mount using the ASCOM software and the Mesu mount is using ST4 for guiding and ASCOM for connection to a planetarium. Does anybody knows if I can use AlignMaster for polar aligning my mount. Many thanks for your help. Vince
  6. Neil, Thank you very much for your help. Vince
  7. Hi Neil Many thanks for all the info. Now I understand the autoguiding with this mount. Since you have been so helpful I got another one for you. I understand from your information that I need an Ascom driver for the planetarium. How do I connect the pc to the mount to run Starry Night. Many thanks Kind regards Vince
  8. Hi Neil, I have an Atik 16 ic camera I use for guiding and I believe it has an ST4 connector. So if i understand correctly what you said I still have a small question. The ST4 cable plugs on the camera and on the Stellarcat and I set Maxim in guide relay. How do I connect the mount to the laptop as only the camera will be connected with a USB cable. Or does the USB cable is used to send a signal to move the mount. Sorry if this is a silly question. Kind regards Vince
  9. Hi Neil, Many thanks for your help. Vince
  10. HI, I am the prood owner of a Mesu 200 but I am new to the stellarcat Argo Navis setup so I need some help with the autoguiding. I am use to guide an EQ6 with Maxim but I don't use an ST4 cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot find anything on the net and the manual doesn't seem to help. Many thnaks for your help. Vince
  11. Hi, My G11 has given me a lot of faithful service other the last 6 years but I believe the time has come to service the mount. As I have two left hands I was thinking to get the mount serviced by a specialist who suggested that in the same time I get the Ovision worm fitted. (New kit NS) My question is: As anyone had the worm fitted and would the mount benefit from a service. Do I need to ask the technician to carry out some special task. Many thanks for your help. Vince
  12. At last an image. The weather has been pretty bad lately and my processing not much better. After a lot of help I managed to get a passable image. EQ6 with ART 285. HA= 12 subs of 10 minutes each RGB= 6 subs of 10 minutes each Still in need to improve. Vince
  13. Hi, Many thanks for all the feedback. Just need to check the scope out. Vince
  14. Hi, I am in the market for a new scope. Something like a 10" Newtonian f5. I am considering the GSO but the weight of the OTA and the rings and finder comes to 15kg. By the time I add the guider scope and the cameras I guess I will get close to 20 kg. My question is. Will the EQ6 good enought for imaging. Many thanks for your help. Vince
  15. Hi Steve, Many thanks for that. Kind regards Vince
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