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  1. I have one of these ones gathering dust and am willing to sell it. But... at what price? I can't really estimate since I don't see them going around much. Does anyone of you knowledgable folk know? Tia!
  2. It's a 1250/250=F5 telescope. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it is a very early Sumerian Optics. Some viewers might have guessed. It's actually from the time Sumerian Optics wasn't born yet. It's the second one Michael made before he started manufacturing the fantastic Sumerian Optics collapsing dobsonians.
  3. This is my pride and joy. For a few nights a year, though. Very happy with the portability. It's only 9.5kg's and it's quite small so I can actually take it with me as hand luggage on a plane! (never tried that out) Mirror is also the best my money can buy: a OOUK research grade I think it is. 0.988 strehl or thereabouts. So the mirror is hardly ever the limiting factor
  4. Hi, I was just checking on other Sumerian owners and how they liked their scopes. Glad to see you are. But I do think you have the trusses inserted the wrong way. Have a look at the site http://www.sumerianoptics.com/producten/alkaid/ There you can see the trusses are in there diagonally, not straight up. Or did the instruction tell you otherwise?
  5. Take bins with you. It's not much but should be enough for a quick fix between work
  6. A quicky made yesterday with the following equipment: Robtics 70/420 ED doublet, Philips SPC900 webcam (unmodded) + UV/IR cut filter Venus, Celestron Advanced GT and WxAstroCapture. Teleskop Service 2x achromatic barlow. Stacken in Registax 5.1.
  7. A first Venus for me. Equipment: Robtics 70/420 ED doublet, Philips SPC900 webcam (unmodded) + UV/IR cut filter Venus, Celestron Advanced GT and WxAstroCapture. Teleskop Service 2x achromatic barlow. Stacken in Registax 5.1. Seeing was terrible. Really terrible. The rim of the moon was fluttering.
  8. Yes, it was fantastic. We are going there more often to get at least some proper skies twice a year. Back home it's SQM 19.5 if I am lucky, and at 30 minutes from here we have 20.8 but with serious light domes (which also aren't there in Germany). It's still amazing to me that skies like that don't appeal to everyone. But it's a case of not knowing what is possible. My mates at first sight won't believe me when I say that the sky over there is like it is on the pictures. It's even hard to make out Little Dipper, so many stars are there.
  9. Great material! Never seen this before. Or heard or read about it either. Something I am going to do now that I've come to hear of it. Thanks.
  10. I 'only' have a 12" but some other guy had a 16 incher.
  11. I just got back from a weekend in Germany, near the Elbe river. It looked like the entire weekend would be washed away by the rain but then it happened... The Miracle. We have seen this happen before and it happened again. After a day of rain the skies cleared just when darkness fell and we were excited by an extremely good SQM measurement of 21.83 on average. The highest was 21.98 even! Got to see loads of stuff: The Needle, Hockestick, Whale, NGC5053, Copeland's Septet... it was amazing. Highlights abound but one was really cool: we saw our shadow being cast on the wall by Venus' light! We never had seen that before. M51 gave us her spirals together with the bridge to M51a and the faint halo. M101 had spirals as well just as M81 (in the one 16" on the field it appeared to be 3D .. the spiral came towards you so to speak). We had a great weekend. Only one night of really good skies unfortunately (it's a 475km drive for us) but just the one night made it all worthwhile. Still thrilled by the experience! Two pictures included: One on which you can see Venus' shadow behind the man standing on the left hand side of the white building and one of the telescopes waiting for dark to come.
  12. I use a zoom MkIII together with a 20 and 28mm Meade SWA S5000 eyepiece. Makes a fine kit for the 28 to 8mm range. On deepsky objects I hardly swap out the zoom anymore.
  13. My first M31. Made with a Meade 6" newtonian on a LXD75 mount. I stacked about 20 lights of 23s each together with a bunch of darks. This one was made in 2010 so I don't remember the details. Imaging was done with an unmodified Canon 350D. No filters. Capturing was done with Nebulosity 2 and processing in CS5. And here's M27, made the same way with about the same amount of lights and darks as I used for M31 I remade M27 in may last but I have not located that one. The color on M27 is much better because I used masking techniques which I was not able to use before (due to lack of skills )
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