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  1. The Tories really want us to be in the same time zone as the rest of Europe?
  2. Really great and very friendly site - would recommend to anyone interested in Astronomy. Have already got some really good advice - Really glad to have found it! Rob
  3. Hello from up the road in Lewes. Let me know if you find any decent dark sky sites round your way!
  4. Wow Thanks for the welcoming committe guys - you really needn't have!!!! Have had a few clear nights recently and haven't done much more than have a look around and see if I can't find my way around - have definitely moved on from Moon, Orion, Plough!!!!! Have been really enjoying watching Jupiter of an evening and even got my 25x10 sports bins out to have a look - and would you believe it - that things got moons! Was a truly memorable moment Have tried to spot Mercury early mornings - but no luck yet with the weather..... Been listening to the excellent Richard Pogge Introducing Astronomy podcasts - and I'm definitely a little the wiser - I now know why the moon always faces the same way - they've been really good. Sadly was to busy to get down to the open weekend at Herstmonceaux but hey - I've got plenty of time. My first Astronomy OU course starts November - can't wait! And I'll get some binos before I head down to Cornwall for a week at the beginning of October - maybe they'll have some clear skies - certainly should be less light pollution than the south east. Rob
  5. There are some new podcast by Richard Pogge - I've found the Introduction to Astronomy podcasts excellent. Have yet to listen to these but he has a course on Astrobiology called Life in the Universe (Astronomy 141) at Astronomy 141 (Prof. Pogge Au2009).
  6. I'm starting this in November and can't wait. Then moving on to Planets: An Introduction and then How the Universe Works in the new year. But be warned these three courses are all coming to an end in the near future, so if you want to sign up to do them you'd better be quick.
  7. Hi Bryn How are you finding the Celestron bins? They've been recommended to me on another thread - would be interested to know how a fellow noob has got on with them Rob
  8. Barmyrob


    There is a free app called Distant Suns Lite - which is well worth looking at for free. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/first-light/id294198918 If you want to spend money then there are some reviews here of the other software available: Star Charting Apps for iPhone/iPod Touch
  9. I'm Rob and I'm from Lewes in East Sussex. Hoping to get some useful help and advice on East Sussex dark skies sites and eventually help and advice on a telescope. For now I am armed with Stellarium for the Mac, Distant Suns for the iPhone and a Phillips Planisphere. Plan to buy some bins in a couple of weeks - Helios Naturesport-Plus 10x50 most likely - any advice greatly received. The reason I'm joining/starting now - well I was always fascinated with the stars & planets - as a kid I visited Herstmonceaux Observatory and was fascinated by it - so much so that afterwards I wrote to Jimmy Saville asking him to fix it for me to go to an observatory - didn't happen. But my fascination didn't end - a visit to the now defunct London Planatarium, and a selection of books kept me interested. Unfortunately through my teens I became even more fascinated with the world of Archaeology - to the point where I gave up Physics A Level so I could concentrate on History. Ho hum - the fascination never left me - I always loved to look at the stars - kept up an amateur interest science, especially in physics and cosmology, and have recently signed up to do an OU undergraduate degree in Physical Sciences. I'm hoping to work my way through all the astronomy/cosmology/astrophysics courses and so the desire to look once again at the stars and planets - this time in a more disciplined way - may have some practical uses. Rob
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