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    Yeah you are right I should take care of the orientation when I post images, I never do, something to think of in 21! /Yves
  2. FSQ 106 / RD 645 / QHY 128C IC405+410 by Yves, on Flickr
  3. vdb


    Corrected my master flat, the nice thing about a OSC is that a flat that has 3 peaks as in my previous attempt will boost in this case Ha, but it shows of the color balance and surpasses blue, I averaged the 3 peak histogram to one peak in PI ... same processing, different result ... M31 by Yves, on Flickr
  4. vdb


    FSQ 106 / RD645 / QHY 128C 63x5min M31 by Yves, on Flickr
  5. TEC 140 / QHY 183C / 38x10 min. one wonders if a big RC is worthwhile investing in. M33 by Yves, on Flickr
  6. How deep can you go on California. FSQ 106 / RD645 150x5min QHY128C, Dropped out of APP, finishing touch on PS. /Yves NGC1499-HighRes by Yves, on Flickr
  7. vdb

    IC 1318

    FSQ 106 /QHY 367C/E.fric mount 75x3 min IC1318 by Yves, on Flickr
  8. FSQ 106 / QHY 367C / E.fric mount from Gemini Telescope Design 85x3min no guiding / no dithering / No filters used from a severe LP zone M31 E.fric by Yves, on Flickr
  9. Unguided 5 minute shot just above 30 degrees 100% crop, I have never seen this, never for a mount without encoders and in this price range an weight capacity, never .... and gusts of wind in an open field ...
  10. And if you want an adaptor, Andras can quote you on one, I ordered an adaptor for my G53F to fit on the iOptron pier (I can also use my E.fric on it) /Yves
  11. IIt’s straight forward I used no adaptor on my tripod, center M10 bolt and a pin to the north an M8 bolt for polar alignment /Yves
  12. And I did not mention this, but I already had the controller for my G53F so actually I use the same controller for 2 mounts, I just need to reflash the FW .... /Yves
  13. I bought: - the mount and cable for the Onstep from http://www.geminitelescope.com - the Onstep controller from Instein.eu (it seems there where are some health issues with the owner, so better mail for availability) But if you have already a stepper controller it's easy to make it work or buy something more to your liking, or buy all the components and PCB from: https://www.stmbluepillkits.com - I had the counterweights and I have a dozen or so 12v supply's, I think most of us do, - The onstep can be controlled via webpage or android app, no need for a HC - it's also
  14. The (net) price is EUR 3800 (for EU customers 4636) + controller, I paid 200 euro’s for a ready made Onstep controller, but you can make the controller for 50 euro’s or any stepper driver that delivers more than 1 amp ... /Yves
  15. Last night I got automatic flip + SGP dialed in. The onstep FW needed a setting adjusted, prefer east side. Andras was very helpful and mailed me the same day the adjustment So it’s quite simpel, in the ascom driver you say how many degrees past meridian you can goto, when you are on the west side. With the option in the FW enabled you now can track past meridian and when SGP sends the goto command, Onstep does the right thing and moves the OTA to the preferred East Side ... Another night with 80+ subs unguided and round stars, no need to build complex models etc, wh
  16. E.Fric: http://www.geminitelescope.com/efric-friction-drive-mount-german-equatorial/ /Yves
  17. Some remarks on the mount: Straight out of camera, No LP filter or Uv/IR filter used, I need to get one, LP correction and stretch, no calibration, no dither, no guiding, 30x3 minute subs E.Fric test by Yves, on Flickr
  18. So I finally had the time to setup the mount in the garden, heavy LP zone, I had no spare LP filters, so in this regard it's just to test the mount, what can I say. E.fric: http://www.geminitelescope.com/efric-friction-drive-mount-german-equatorial/ - It's a beauty, I really like steam punk - Easy to balance, the benefit of friction drive but has clutches so it can move freely. - Easy to polar align, it has a built in adaptor for the Polemaster, so alignment was done in 5 minutes - I use the Onstep controller from Instein - I use geoptic Hercules tri
  19. FSQ 106 / RD 645 / QHY 128C, 69 x 5min NGC7635 by Yves, on Flickr
  20. FSQ 106 / RD645 / QHY128C 60x5min sh2_150_widefield by Yves, on Flickr
  21. Of this camera there is no mono version, there is a backlit full frame the QHY600 that has a mono version, but frankly I do not see the need, knowing you have all 3 colors in one go with rich deep reds (I use the Idas D1 filter) is so relaxing. And you can do Ha/OIII in one go with those new Dual band filters .... it’s not as good as a mono camera, but the difference is negligible in my option ... /Yves
  22. Capturing, about 2 new moon’s processing hard to tell, ones figured out to go about a day, but a week going back and forth as combining such a large set is not trivial. /Yves
  23. Olly did a terrific job in combining this data set, I took a different approach to this 32 mega panel madness. To be perfect I need to revisit about half of the panels ... now I need to find the courage to do so. Trunk to Crescent by Yves, on Flickr
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