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  1. Don't tell Gina you might be able to melt the Bayer matrix substrate with UV light - I can feel more experimentation coming along!!
  2. Hi James, No difference at all in the spec, the only issue is that Canon may/will not support a warranty claim for a "grey import", ie not sold/distributed from a UK retailer if you need to claim. If you are looking to save money and are happy with the grey import tag then try a company like Panamoz who cover the duty/VAT in their price and provide a 2yr UK warranty. Their claims are managed by a UK repair house although I have not needed to claim on any item I've previously purchased from them. Google them and read the reports of others who have used them and have needed support for evidence of the good service they provide in relation the warranty support. There are lots of camera forums with happy purchasers. http://panamoz.com/index.php/digital-cameras/canon/canon-eos-6d-digital-camera-body-only.html This link may prove interesting especially if you use the bank transfer discount. Their bank is a UK branch of HSBC. I purchased a 5D MkIII from them and saved £700 over UK prices by watching their price gradually dropping. Have also purchased a 64Gb ipad and some smaller cheaper items including lenses and mobile phones. Incidentally lenses are covered by UK warranty even if grey imports First class service. Tony
  3. I presume you will be using your 450D (unmodded), if so the CLS is the best option for light pollution suppression, this blocks the spectral lines of mercury and sodium vapour lamps but does not include an IR block, the colour correction filter over the sensor already has this but also blocks Ha. If you plan to mod your DSLR and remove the IR filter over the sensor and not replace it then the CLS-CCD version is the best option as this includes an IR block in the substrate. The L type filter is a strong UV/IR block but lets all visible wavelengths pass, so not good for light pollution suppression. The M type filter is for full spectrum mods and is essentially a clear glass dust protector and has no filtering properties. Hope this helps
  4. The filter is held in place by what I can only describe as two side tangs at 4 oclock and 8 oclock, if you take the filter in and out use the flat on the top of the filter at 12 oclock and a plastic tool to lever it out. The tangs can become crushed in towards the filter after a number of removals, this can be corrected by gently levering the tangs out slightly to tighten the fit again, but the bottom of the tang which attaches to the main filter body is a weak point so you will need to be careful. I've not had a problem myself but can imagine this to be an area of concern if you're not especially careful and remove the filter on a regular basis
  5. There are "plenty" of scams like this on ebay, I don't quite comprehend why people don't read the T&C's regarding purchasing and the protection this brings IF you operate within the ebay rules and framework. Why would you risk £1400 and not have ebay protection? I can't help thinking tough luck, buyer beware, on the other hand banks need to accept a social responsibility to help out when things like this happen, they can get to the scammer quite easily with a little forensic accounting
  6. Yes no problem, all EF designated lenses are fine, there is only an issue with EF-S designation although these can be made to fit with some minor mods to the rear of the lens mount
  7. I've had a 55Ah golf cart battery for 4 yrs and due to illness haven't used it for around 14 months, it hasn't been charged in all this time but when I re-charged it 4wks ago it was still at 12.4V and after reconditioning works fine. I was given the battery by a work colleague who retired and couldn't play golf any longer so goodness knows how old it is! If you go for a gel, deep cycle battery you will be repaid many fold in longevity but you will need to shop carefully because the prices vary wildly, I think you are looking to pay roughly £80 which seems a large initial outlay but will outlast the usual power pack jobbies which can vary between £30 and £55 and last for a very short time particularly if run to below 12V. As a long shot you can look for deep cycle mobility scooter batteries which come up from time to time in sales
  8. http://www.fourmilab.ch/cship/timedial.html This provides good indication of the effect of velocity on time dilation. At 10% the speed of light the effect is very small and is calculated using the time dilation formula at the top of the article.
  9. Actually particle physics to be precise!
  10. Details issued by the BAA 2012DA14.pdf
  11. With the front filter removed but the rear left in place you may struggle to focus EF lenses below 15mm focal length, above this you should be fine, however if you find 50mm is marginal the EOS clip may just be sufficient to correct the focussing problem.
  12. Hi skir, Have a look at the night sky simulator about half way down the page, if you zoom in you will be able to get a general feel for how the pollution reduces as you move from you current location. http://www.need-less.org.uk/#ukatnightsim That's a tricky location you're in with Liverpool, Birkenhead and Chester in close proximity, as you say probably a trip to NWales or the Cheshire plain. Do you have a local society that can give you some hints on best locations?
  13. Hi Jim, welcome along to the old gits club - there are plenty more of us on here. Have a look here for your weather http://www.sat24.com/ - looks pretty good for you at the moment, but will it last? It looks likely that the cloud sweeping in across the Isle of Man now will reach you be the end of the day
  14. I downloaded it and installed it on to one of the kids pc's and it works just fine.
  15. Why don't you try the free CS2 download?
  16. Nice - but treble the workload time/wk required for a realistic idea of the amount of your free time it will absorb
  17. Hi Luis17, welcome to SGL, it will be interesting to hear about life stargazing from the Southern hemisphere, let us know what scope you have in mind and clear skies to make the best of it.
  18. Get on over to the Adobe website, it appears that you can download and install CS2 for free with a free serial number, although as Peter (Psychobilly) says it wasn't the original intention of Adobe to allow this but a number of forum users have tried and suceeded - never look a gift horse in the mouth. http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html
  19. Have you considered GIMP as a free alternative, plenty of forum visitors use it and can help with queries. http://www.gimp.org/
  20. Another convert - you know want to buy her for next birthday
  21. studdedsole

    Hello there

    Hi and welcome along - really like that you've captured some of the colour of mineral deposits
  22. Crikey, you've a job on to improve on that for your next attempt, nice job
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