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  1. Hello Tina and welcome to the group I hope your new scope arrives soon! Mark
  2. Another amazing image Marco! Beautiful work Mark
  3. Andy I've just created a bias frame on my 314L+ using exactly the settings you did. The outcome is attached below. I can't see the light that you're getting. I've also included a zipped version of the FITS bias frame itself so you can have a better look at the data. Hope this helps. Mark Bias-0c-0100ms.fit.zip Bias.doc
  4. Lovely image. Good detail and very nice framing.
  5. That's the best M13 I've ever seen. It's awesome. Mark
  6. Absolutely breathtaking. Both mono and colour are amazing!
  7. Outstanding Marco. Absolutely stunning. My girlfriend just said "Wow! Is that one of yours?" to which I replied "I wish..."
  8. mark7331

    Saying Hello

    Hello Dan and welcome to the group
  9. Hello FallenAngel and welcome to the group
  10. I tend to agree with Rottwieller (and not just because my dog is one and not necessarily about the carrots). Some of the subs I take when framing my targets are quite short and look a bit like the view through the eyepiece but even so they contain much more detail. M51 appears as a grey smudge with two brighter areas through the eyepiece but through even a short CCD exposure I can see structure etc. I agree with James though, there is no "beginner" scope and I don't know if I agree about beginners being disappointed. I setup my scopes at a family barbecue a couple of weeks ago. I setup the full imaging rig and had about 10 people who'd never looked through a scope lined up to see Saturn. They all said "Wow!" and "Amazing", shortly followed by "Can I have another look" and this was through my guiding scope. There are many amazing, awesome sights to see. The moon is an amazing sight and overlooked sometimes. EDIT: and as 26 says - I use my 8" newt more than my 12" newt. Mark
  11. mark7331

    Imaging - Year 1.

    General Images taken in my first year of astrophotography.
  12. A really nice image. What scope/camera did you use Tommy.
  13. Hi Marco, welcome to the group That really is an amazing image. Lovely colours.
  14. Really nice Franck, and only 9 subs! Excellent.
  15. Amazing stuff Olly. I can foresee hours of galaxy hunting fun just with this image. Mark
  16. After a long "winter of discontent" (clouds) I've been spending some time working on guiding and various bits n' bobs. Last week, with some clear skies and the first good seeing I've had for months, I decided to have a crack at NGC3628 - The hamburger Galaxy in Leo. So I setup and took my subs. 5 min exposures of R(18),G(18) and B(7 - as NGC3628 went behind the house) on the 314L+ @ -10c. This is a work in progress and the processing is in AstroArt/Photoshop but the big change is that I took flats. 30xR,G&B. As usual I used darks from my library. My first process didn't use flats as I didn't really think they'd make much difference. The image and had awful gradients and terrible colour balance but I nearly feel off my seat when I saw the outcome outcome with flats. So flats rule! Thanks for looking.
  17. mark7331

    Hello from Mid Devon

    Hello and welcome to SGL from me
  18. mark7331

    Hello all

    Hello Marc and welcome to SGL
  19. mark7331

    Astro newbie!

    Hi Matt and welcome to the group
  20. Hello and welcome to SGL from me
  21. mark7331

    Hello all

    Hello Chris and welcome to the group
  22. Hello M-C and welcome to the group
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