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  1. i wish i could "sketch" like this.. my sketches evoke xkcd comics :-)
  2. would you mind sharing VB source with us, please? i'm not interested in any derivative work, i'm just a programmer who likes to study other people's interesting code (and this seems interesting) :-)
  3. thanks for quick answers guys, that' what I was thinking..
  4. Hi starfolk, I was wondering - everyone here propably saw this Ultra Deep Field image of a region in Fornax. My question is.. would we see this if we looked in any other direction, or is this a specific region, let's say in direction to the centre of the Universe? Do we know if Universe has a single centre and it's location? Thanks for answers..
  5. zedock

    complete newbie

    yeah, that's the main reason I keep it as I unfortunately don't posses a good memory :-) Thank you all for warm welcome!
  6. zedock

    complete newbie

    Hi, I'm complete newbie starting astronomy. I keep a blog about my baby steps at zedock.blogspot.com . This seems like a great place full of great people and I hope I'll learn a lot here.
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