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  1. right i see what you mean as have looked here http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/95620-what-do-i-need-take-pictures-my-skywatcher-130-a.html it appears i may have to either get a webcam or buy a new scope perhaps as you say the inward travel may not be good enough. haven't tried in the day but ill give it a go. The scope is on the wooden swivel mount as was just doing some test shots, but have bought a eq3-2 to put it on. Im using a 1.25 ep holder, mount ring and t-adapter although in the above link it talks about using a barlow which perhaps i could do.
  2. hmm ok thanks, i guess i'll have to do it manually, as would like to take them through the scope. It's a bit awkward with my scope as have a skywatcher heritage 130p and the focus is where the eyepieces go in. Just starting out so its all trial and error. Is there any recommended settings to take pics of dso's? eg. iso 1600
  3. Im using the canon 40d and no lense just straight into the scope, i seem to at the moment be just getting black pictures with no focus
  4. Im trying to use the Canon Utility with taking pictures, i've worked out the bulb setting and interval but it seems that when using liveview the focus is greyed out. Am i missing a step here, eg. is there a setting on the camera i need to change? Also is this program any good for pics or is there a better one out there that suits canon dslr? Cheers
  5. DiscoStu

    Hi All

    thanks all for the welcome, hopefully ill get some good tips from here and take some photos where you can make out what im pointing at :-)
  6. DiscoStu

    Hi All

    Hello everyone, my names Andrew and i come from Cambridge. I've been reading bits and bobs from this forum and thought it was about time i'd register. I bought a scope as a present for someone (Nexstar 80 slt ) and had a few goes with it a few months ago and have been hooked since. So i decided to buy myself a cheap scope and got a Skywatcher 130p Heritage, i bought a range of filters and eyepieces and now about to buy an eq3-2 mount with motors, plus ive managed to borrow a canon 40d dslr for imaging. Hopefully ill be able to take some shots where you can make out more than a blur. Im a complete beginner so its all going to be trial and error and thats where sgl will come handy
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