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  1. ... is very bad for stargazing. I saw nothing. Are there other places you have been to and saw little/nothing?
  2. Then I think I just saw it without your helpful tips. I was swinging it wildly around until I saw something strangely out of focus. Turning the knob led me nowhere. Then I thought: The nebula... and then I was overjoyed! :( I got to see the wild duck cluster too, and now I am so happy I will wait for a darker day to see it. Thanks! At my position it is best for me to wait all the way to 3 am now. M31 would be overhead! But obviously sleepiness is in charge now. Goodnight! (I lied twice about seeing M31 already, ouch... Gonna have bad dreams)
  3. I really think that Manual alignment is the best. you might struggle with software like I always do even with the manual. Try first scaling them correctly by measuring the distance of 2 stars, then stacking and aligning them with software. And software might screw everything up by taking the wrong reference points, making your brain superior.
  4. I have one software for you. You definitely have it already, because you mentioned layers. Its called Your Brain + Photoshop. Alignment is an ugly thing. Try slightly longer exposures if they all have a different angle and scale to make alignment easier. (googling now)
  5. Last night I missed my opportunity as I didn't dare to go outside at night, especially in a foreign area. Now that I know China is safer than I thought, and that I know that it is GIGANTIC, I will now go and see it tonight. Many people say that the ring nebula in Lyra is easy to find, but really! After MANY tries I have still failed.
  6. Thanks! I am in a much darker place and 20 degrees up I can make out all the constellations there. Below that are blocked by fog + city lights. I will see it TONIGHT! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. VERY VERY TRUE. In fact I have been very lucky and will travel to my real hometowns(father, mother, and my birthplace), and they have very dark skys. Right now I am at my mother's hometown, and the sky is so dark. I found out last night that the part which I enjoyed the most was when I was simply sitting with my legs crossed and using stellarium to enjoy the different constellations and find out how they look like, without using my telescope at all. I also assumed that astronomy was a hard hobby, but I was interested. I kept begging for a telescope but spent no time actually observing the star
  8. Thanks for your tips. Now I have a much clearer idea on finding that. Its up in the sky now but then the stupid clouds are blocking.
  9. Wow! Never seen one with detail like that!
  10. I really really want to see that galaxy. Tried 4 times, 100% failure. Which star should I start with and start hopping from? My finderscope is around 4-5 degrees wide and my lowest power eyepiece is half a degree wide. My highest power eyepiece goes all the way down to 1/30 a degree wide. I can see quite a fair bit of the east and the mountains go all the way up to around 8 degrees altitude, and the roof starts at around 20 degrees altitude. I am forced to see out a window. That's east. What time and how do I star hop to M31? Info Finder: 4-5 degrees lowest power: 1/2 degree highest power: 1/
  11. WOW! gonna spend hours watching them...
  12. Try aiming with specs on then take them off and center in the finderscope and view also without specs. focus can be adjusted to your eye anyway, unless you have alot of friends with you...
  13. maybe its just that my camera totally does not fit my tiny eyepiece hole. I mean using afocal the hole is still too small.
  14. I tried it, it is supposed to be my profile picture, but its still the old one. Attached is mine. :/
  15. Thanks Moonshane for that document because I never knew aperture was just the inner diameter of the tube in mm. That means I have a f/7 scope! Never knew it was so good. Now I need some really lucky googling, or maybe check the forum's part on buying stuff. BTW, how did you get that really nice shot of the moon?
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