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  1. Thanks! If you have any wishes please let me know.
  2. A few years ago I made a telescope calculator for myself and eventually it got used by a couple of friends quite often. Recently I updated the calculator and some people suggested I should make an English version of it. So I did. Please let me know what you think and if you see yourself using it. Also, let me know of you encounter bugs or wrong translations! You can visit the calculator at http://www.nachtwachters.nl/telescope-calculator/
  3. Thanks for the replies, but unfortunately my flight has been delayed for 8 hours due to a woman who left the security area via a crew exit. All planes were called back and everybody had to leave the gates. Since my return flight would have been tomorrow I decided to head back home.
  4. Hello everybody, I have a small "problem" and want to know if one of you can help me out. I'm going to Londen tomorrow to meet Laura Pannack (an award winning British photographer), but as it happens there are 2 clear nights predicted for the Netherlands tomorrow. FINALLY there are 2 clear nights here, and I'm in another country! But I own a travel dobson which can be regarderd as hand luggage and I am thinking about taking it with me. My sister lives in Reading herself, and she can pick me up at the trainstation and drop me off somewhere. But I haven't got the faintest clue about where or even if the predictions are clear there as well. So, my 2 questions are; 1. How are the predictions for south(east) England tomorrow? 2. What's the best place in a 30 to 40km radius around Reading? Or maybe some people are meeting near Reading tomorrow night? Hope you can help! Best regards, Steven
  5. I own a 12" Alkaid with a Orion Optics UK mirror, but I don't think it's really fair to compare them with a Meade or Skywatcher. You have to compare them with a Lukehorst, Hoffheim or Obsessesion and then the price is quite reasonable. It's handmade against machine, and sturdy wood against metal. You can't expect a complete 20" for 2000 euro's. One of the great things about these telescopes is that some of them can be taken as handbag luggage on an airplane. For the Alkaid that's true up to 12"! That's pretty amazing if you ask me. I do have to say I have a small interest in Sumerian Optics as Michael is a good friend of mine and I build his website.
  6. That's great to hear! I'm the third friend by the way. Call us the three musketeers.
  7. Yesterday evening we had a clear night again so for the second time this week I set off to go to Lochem. With me went 2 friends, Roel & Sumerian. Since I completed the Messier list I'm hunting for the H400 objects but in a semi-ordered way. I just choose a constellation and then check my prints which H400 objects it contains and find them out. This time I observed NGC 7044, 7062, 7086 & 7182 so Cygnus is done. All were open starclusters and as said before those are not my favorite kind of objects so I didn't see anything spetacular, apart from 7182 though. NGC 7182 has a very small but compact core, with lots of very dim stars. I also saw a nice bright and compact planetary nebula, NGC 7027 and after that went for the nice galaxy 6207 next to M13, M13 itself, grand dark nebula B142-3 or the E-nebula (triple cave) and finished with M31 and compagnions. A good night out again and a great semi-start for the season. I also made a timelapse again containting 300 images taken over the course of one-and-a-half our. I'll need some dewheating! O yeah, on the 0:29s mark there is a small meteor in the upperleft corner and don't ask me about 0:28s...
  8. Thanks! We'll do. I don't know if it's possible to post embedded youtube movies here but here's a link to the movie of Roel and me I made; The upload didn't go that well (first and last frames are wong) but I'm pleased enough for a first try! @ Roel Let's meet around 23:30, so we have some time left to set up and look at the setting moon.
  9. Hi Mick, I do think the light pollution is the problem indeed, and that if you look from a darker place the star won't be such a challenge anymore. Although it's not that bright, it sure wasn't an eyestraining observation. I only saw the star with the 8mm though. A nice report about 7008 and it reads quite familiar! Here is a picture of Roel (in the front) and me under the summer Milky Way. Unfortunatly there was a big sky beamer in the south as you can see...
  10. Last night me and my mate Roel went to Lochem, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. Although it's not one of the darkest sites of our country it is pretty good and only a 35 minute drive. On arriving and setting up the 10" f/5 traveldob I discovered that I had been a bit positive by not bringing a sweater... Halfway thru setting up I heard another car approach, and since the road we stand on has a dead end it had to be Roel. Not one of the nicest people around I hid behind the car and waited until Roel got out of his car and realized I wasn't there. Knowing me he expected this from me but he still got quite a shock when I jumped from behind the car. But when I told him I didn't bring a sweater he gave me a spare! Thanks Roel, and I'm sorry! While dusk got along we noticed noctilucent clouds in the north-east so I also set up the camera to make a time-lapse which I'll try to render this weekend. It is about 250 frames (20s each) long so I think I can manage a movie of 10 to 12 seconds. Then having set up everything I started out with some long lost friends; m27, m57, m31 (low in the east) and m11 before starting out with some new H400 objects. I decided to find a few in Cygnus because the constellation now stands high in the zenith and the Milky Way just was a big splat of stars in the sky. First up was NGC 6826 better known as the blinking planetary. I have seen the object before, but that was thru my 5" refractor. This time, blinking was not at all necessary! The nebula showed up as a bright fuzzy ball and by blinking you could see it change shape. Just after blinking, it just looks like a star but soon fades into it's planetary shape. A very bright and wonderfull planetary. After that I swung the telescope to the open starclusters NGC 6834, 6866 and 6910. Not being one of my favorite objects I had a bit of a problem with 6834 because there were just to many stars in the area. After coming back to the same cluster 4 times in a row I was sure this was the object I was looking for, a small group of stars with 4 almost evenly bright stars in a row. The other two showed me 2 letters, the "V" and the "Y" in there cores, but still they weren't that much fun. So, on to another planetary; NGC 7008! It's almost every night I observe that I come across an unexpected beauty that stands out from all the others. This time that beauty was NGC 7008. The nebula is positioned right next to a fairly bright star which on closer inspection turned out to be a binairy. On the opposite side the nebula is a bit thicker and this really bangs out when using a UHC filter. Untill now I was using my 22mm and 13mm LVW but this called for a higher magnification and Roel had just the eyepiece, the 8mm LVW. Now you could even see a dim star in the nebula itself! With so much to offer, NGC 7008 really was the gem of the night.
  11. Indeed, the short tube refractor gives me a wide field of view with low magnifications while the longer one is something more of a planetary/lunar telescope. Besides that, the 127/1200 with it's longer focal ratio has better optics and thus gives sharper views. That's also the main reason why I wanted it and bought it; A long sharp refractor for the moon and planets. Next up; a 6" f/15... hahaha. I reckon I'm not going to use the 127/820 a lot, but it's my first ever telescope and I've always said I'd never sell that one. @ yeti monster What about it?
  12. I already posted these pictures in the welcome forum but this seems to be a better place. In 2006 I purchased mij first telescope, a 5" f/6.44 (820mm) achromat on a EQ-5 mount. When the chance came along I upgraded the EQ-5 to a Vixen GP and with the GP came a Vixen 114/900mm newton, which I sold. Next came a Celestron 8" f/5 and a GSO 8" f/4 which I also both sold. Then came a Losmandy GM8 and I sold my Vixen GP and purchased a GSO 10" f/5 deluxe and a friend made a traveldob out of it for me. I really had regrets for selling the GP so I bought one again and last but not least I came along a perfect 5" f/9.44 (1200mm) achromat. Currently a custom made 12" f/4 OO mirror is in the make and that's going to be the next travel dobson and that means the 10" will be sold again. When that's done, I only have a few small wishes left; A wooden tripid for the GM8, a small 80 or 85mm Apo/ED, a 2" OIII, a standalone autoguider and a good photographic filter. Current telescopes; - TS 127/820mm achromat - TS 127/1200mm achromat - GSO 250/1250mm dobson Current mounts; - Vixen GP with polar scope and RA drive - Losmandy GM8 with polar scope and drives Other equipment; - 30mm TS ED (2") - 22mm Vixen LVW - 13mm Vixen LVW - 7mm TMB planetary - 2x TeleVue barlow - 12.5mm Orion illluminated cross hair - Astronomik 2" UHC - TS adjustable moonfilter (1,25") - TS 2" 99% quartz diagonal Photographic equipment; - Canon EOS 5D markII - Canon EF 70/200mm L f/2.8 IS - Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 - Canon EF 16/35mm L f/2.8
  13. Steem

    The Dutch invasion

    Thanks for all the reply's! Roel is indeed a friend of mine, and so is Sumerian. We went on a astroholiday last march to La Palma and have another one planned for 2011! A shame about the World Cup indeed although I do think Spain was better, but I wasn't that happy about the referee. Or Spain should've got more cards, or we should've got less. But we had some great chances! Here a few pictures of my telescopes; - TS 127/1200mm achromat on Losmandy GM8 and a 2" TS 30mm ED - TS 127/820mm achromat on Vixen GP and a 13mm Vixen LVW - GSO 250/1250mm custom build dobson (bij Sumerian) and a 22mm Vixen LVW
  14. Steem

    Is this normal?

    That's a shame! But at least you can play with the scope. Maybe it's not that bad because now you can try out the scope indoors with some lights on. My first night out with a telescope was a bit messy and I looked like a blindfolded kid trying to get a brick into a straw... And I thought I already passed that test...
  15. The Magellenic Clouds is something I've wanted to see for a while now. The most Southern I got was La Palma last march and I had a very spectacular 1 degree view of Eta Carina and a very good view of Omega Centauri (no wonder they thought it was a star) so that leaves the twin clouds for now. I don't know if they're that great to see, but just the idea that you're watching 2 dwarf galaxy's being pulled in by our own Milky Way is mindboggling to me.
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