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  1. Thanks matchew. Having spent a few days looking at the picture now, I think it's probably a bit under exposed as it's quite blue/dark gray. More experimenting needed I think. I don't know what the letters ISO stand for (unless it really is International Standards Organisation), but it's effectively how fast the "film" reacts to light. The higher the number the more light is captured in a shorter space of time. In other words, brighter pictures. However, as we're not dealing with film but digital chips, a higher number also means more noise in the image. Lower values will produce less noise, but you need a longer exposer in order to capture the same amount of light.
  2. I have a 6SE and really enjoy it. For imaging the moon or planets, it's perfectly adequate. DSO's are pretty impossible to image though due to the Alt-Az mount. If you can live without DSO imaging, I would go for the 6 over the 5.
  3. That's a great picture. For a bargain web cam, SPC900 performs really well and I love see shots from it
  4. Another clear night last night and now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing, I attempted another shot of the Moon. This one was 1/60s exposure and ISO 400 so you don't seem to need to put too much effort in to image the moon which is great for me! I don't want to post a full res picture as it starts to show up how difficult I found focusing. For this picture, I attempted to zoom in on a crater while setting the focus, but the edge of the moon is still quite soft so I didn't quite get it. Next time I'll know to check both a crater and the edge. One thing I did notice is that the bottom edge of the Moon seems sharper than the top right edge. Could this be an indication that I need to collimate my scope?
  5. Thanks for finding that, just subscribed now.
  6. Wow, that sounds a little alarmist at the idea of someone specifically braking into your garden with a gun to steal your telescope. That almost sounds like something from the Daily Mail!
  7. For my picture and all my visual observing of Jupiter, I use a Baader Neodymium filter. It certainly seems to improve the views for me. As it also blocks UV and IR, it works really well with web cams.
  8. That is a great picture, you seem to have managed to get a much better focus than me.
  9. Heh, I'd never thought of that, but now that you mention it, I can see the similarity.
  10. Just to give you an idea how obvious the GRS can be, here's a picture I took last year using an SPC900 which is quite similar to your camera:
  11. That's a really nice image, I'm glad I wasn't the only person having problems with seeing last night though. I can't wait until Saturn's up a bit earlier so that I can get a couple of images myself.
  12. Taking full advantage of the first clear night in months last night, I managed to get out for a few hours observing. Just before Christmas, I treated myself to a T Ring for my camera so it seemed the perfect opportunity to give it a quick test before it disappeared behind the neighbour's house. I only took a couple of shots as I mainly just wanted to see how easy it as to connect to the scope and how the mount would cope. However, the two biggest things I noticed were that getting the balance between ISO and shutter speed right needs a bit of experimenting and focusing it much harder than I expected! When I zoomed in on the live view, it looked like the surface of the moon was boiling which was probably due to it being quite low in the sky with a big town between me and it. So, when shooting the moon, are there any opinions on what the best settings for ISO an shutter speed are? The camera was a Canon 550D attached to a Nexstar 6SE. Thanks very much!
  13. Yes, it was great to finally have a good clear night. According to my Nexstar remote, it was the first time I'd been out with my scope since 23-10-2010!
  14. Hi John, welcome to SGL. I'm also in Herts so I know what you mean about the cloud. Tonight was also my first night out with the scope since 23-10-10 according to my controller!
  15. What time did you take the picture? I was observing between about 7pm and 10pm and saw pretty much what you saw. The GRS is one the other side of the planet 50% of the time and so isn't always visible. You may just have to wait for a night when it's on the side of the planet facing us, but when it's there, it's really obvious due to the missing SEB
  16. I think Sky at Night only ends up on iPlayer after the extended BBC4 repeats. Once up there, it only sticks around for about a week or so before it is removed. So it's only available one week in four and it's never quite when you expect it!
  17. I quite enjoyed it for the most part. It would be interesting to see what people were hoping for from this that isn't already offered by Sky at Night. Given the weather we've had recently, even seeing Jupiter live must have been pretty lucky for them.
  18. Heh, shows me up for not looking hard enough Are you able to get full control over all the SPC900 settings under OSX? That was the main thing that stopped me going much further before I switched to Windows for imaging.
  19. Yeah, it lets you install Windows so that you can run Windows software that might not be available for OSX. I like SharpCap and RegiStax but neither are available for OSX unfortunately.
  20. I could never get it working in a satisfactory way under OSX so I just use Boot Camp instead as all the good/free astro imaging software seems to be for Windows only anyway. It seemed to save far more time for me to be using as similar set up to a good number of other people on here in the end
  21. Heh, I was wondering the very same thing but hadn't got round to asking (due to post Christmas financial constraints), so I'm also interested to find out
  22. Ah ha! I wonder if App Inventor apps are targeting Android 1.5 so that they work on all phones? Apps for 1.5 automatically request phone access as there wasn't a specific permission for it until 1.6.
  23. Just stumbled on a bit of info about the phone calls permission. What Android version did you target your app for?
  24. The new version is still asking for both network access and phone call access. I think you should possibly look into that if the app doesn't need access to those devices because it makes it look a bit suspicious.
  25. Hmm, has maybe a uses-permission slipped into the manifest file by mistake? I've had odd things turn up after writing experimental code that I've later removed.
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