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  1. Going well so far and I'm learning some interesting stuff. I never knew exactly what Enceladus was spewing so I found that very interesting. It's become a regular part of my commute home, I'll miss it when it's over.
  2. Thanks very much, I'll take a look at those.
  3. This is the type of quality I'd love to be able to get to myself. It really shows how much extra detail can be extracted from the image data by stacking.
  4. I hadn't thought about getting a programmable remote, I'll look into that. Do you know if you can do the same thing with EOS Utility?
  5. According to my log, it's been nearly a year since I last managed to set up my scope (24-03-2012) which goes to show just how bad the weather last year was. Here's hoping for a better 2013! Fortunately, as it looks like a few of you have also noticed, the sun was out today with not too many clouds about and I just happened to have treated myself to a solar filter for my Nexstar 6SE at Astrofest last weekend. After a failed and cloudy attempt to try it out yesterday, I finally had my first solar observing session. I have to say, I was impressed with just how clearly you could pick out the sun spots and my poor attempts at photography just don't do it justice. I first tried getting a few images with my 550D. Achieving focus was much harder than I expected. Not being able to view much surface detail in the live view and the view finder image being awkward and small didn't help here. But here's the best of the lot (tinted for artistic effect): ISO 200 Exposure 1/400 I'm trying to decide if I should use a higher ISO and shorter exposure, it was pretty close between the above and ISO 400, exposure 1/1000. I also had a go at trying to image a couple of the sun spots using a trusty old SPC900 web cam. This again proved much harder than I expected to achieve focus and so I'm actually very impressed with what Registax was able to do with my captures! In fact, trying to focus the web cam really opened my eyes to how much even a light breeze can affect image stability. So there we go, my first daylight observing session under the confused gaze of the neighbours. I need to work on my focusing technique a bit more and learn how to identify sun spots so that I can actually label them in my images. What a rambling post that duplicates a bunch of images that are already in this forum
  6. Midpoint

    Midpoint's Pictures

    A collection of my various attempts at astrophotography
  7. From the album: Midpoint's Pictures

    © Adrian O'Grady

  8. From the album: Midpoint's Pictures

    © Adrian O'Grady

  9. From the album: Midpoint's Pictures

    © Adrian O'Grady

  10. Worth catching on iPlayer if you missed it. Three cubesats were really interesting. I wonder if we could all club together to launch a mini imaging set up
  11. I do wish they used a slightly larger venue, it was a struggle to get near or around the stalls during the breaks. I really fancied getting some new bits and pieces but didn't want to get crushed or knock something expensive over!
  12. A "Ditch" vote from me as I'm very rarely at a PC with a CD drive now. Anything that's on the CD can be done online. Maybe they could add a software updates and review section to the mag to make up for it?
  13. I think they're great scopes. Easy to set up and align meaning less faffing and more observing (clouds allowing). A power tank is a must though as the mount eats batteries and odd things happens when they start to run low.
  14. Just got the email too. Any plans for an SGL study group?
  15. They go out at 00:00 for me in Hertfordshire and it's brilliant. Make sure you write to your local council to thank them if they're being turned off near you. Currently my council receives a lot of complaints about lack of lighting after midnight so need all the positive responses they get!
  16. I wonder how long these switch offs will last. We have the lights in Hertfordshire turned off between 00:00 and 06:00 and it's already started causing a fuss here with people complaining that it will increase crime rates Crime fears as Welwyn Hatfield streetlights are switched off - News - Welwyn Hatfield Times
  17. It's county wide, everyone in Hertfordshire should get the same treatment over the next 18 months.
  18. And I got my response from the County Council: All in all, sounds great to me! I suggest people write to their councils to ask them to do the same. You never know, they may already be planning it.
  19. I decided to write to both the local and county councils, letting more people know probably won't hurt anyway. I also included in my local ward councillors directly so that maybe they'll know that someone likes the idea and they might add it to the agenda next time elections come up. I'm hoping positive responses will outweigh the negative responses as although there are fears over crime, none of my neighbours have mentioned the lighting, so they've obviously not noticed any changes. I'll let you know any responses I get back.
  20. That's quite depressing. I'm betting that now it's all up and running there's probably nothing that can be done now unless the entire town gets up in arms over it. Unfortunately, most people just won't care
  21. It seems that the street lighting on the road behind my house have been put on timers. At some point between 1 and 2 am all the lights went off, which was a pleasant surprise. A quick check this morning and it looks like they've had some sort of green attachment fitted to the top of them. I'm guessing it's just a trial as only one road seems to have been done but it's certainly encouraging. Does street lighting tend to be controlled by the local or county council? I wouldn't mind sending them a thank you email so that they know someone appreciates their efforts.
  22. Thanks very much, it's all good info. If nothing else though, it gives me something to aim for
  23. I also would like to add how impressed I am with these images! I'd love to know how you managed to capture so much detail as I've never been able to get anything like that myself. Are you in a very dark location? What barlow are you using? What are your capture settings? I want to know everything.
  24. Sounds correct. You should be able to see the CCD without any lens to protect it (so be very careful to keep it clean! )
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