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  1. Thanks for clearing things up, you've been a real help!!
  2. Thanks both of you for all your help, I'm starting to learn my way around the scope now! Oh, it does have a 4mm too - I just presumed the 20mm would be better. Again, at the risk of seeming a bit slow, as the sizemm of the lens decreases does the magnification increase?
  3. Oops, thanks Ray. I'll give your blog a look just now! It's a Celestron powerseeker 127 eq. This is the info I have on the scope. Mount-German Equatorial. Eyepiece 1 - 20mm - 50 x magnification. Optimum magnification x 50. Maximum magnification x 250. Finderscope - 5 x 24.
  4. Hi all, I think I'm in the right section, please move this post if I'm not! Got a new 'scope recently and tonight finally got my first proper use of it looking at the moon! I'm delighted! I used a 3x Barlow Lens and a 20mm eyepiece (forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology here). At the risk of looking thick... What I'd like to know is what I should buy to get a closer look at the moon (and other objects), would is be a lens that's 30mm or a different Barlow lens? (What Should I do to get a look at the whole moon, not just one section of it [i take it this is because the lens is too powerful?]) I'm fairly new to all this and would appreciate help. Also, is it possible to use a bog standard digital camera for "astrophotography" and if it is which equipment should I use to do some 'graphing. Thank you!
  5. Thank you all for the welcome!
  6. AmateurAstronomer


    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, recently got a celestron powerseeker 127 eq - my first telescope, after being amazed by the night sky and all for years! I look forward to posting here and hopefully learning more about the night sky and learning how to use my telescope to get the best views!
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