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  1. Hi, I have a Skywatcher 8inch Flexi/collapsible Auto tracking Dob of 10 years vintage and recently 'upgraded' it with the Skywatcher Wifi plug in module in place of the mini handset and now it is a Goto. This is not an officially approved upgrade - but it works. My question is to anyone out there who did the same upgrade - perhaps by plugging a Goto handset which some did about 9 years back and if they ever tried to update the motor control firmware and with what results. The MC version on my Dob shows as version 2.12.90 but a newer version on Skywatcher site is available but I'm afraid t
  2. Hi, Thanks again Brantuk for those tips but I have checked all of those things and they are fine. When I level the OTA it only takes a small tap at the top of the OTA or pressing the down button to to send it into nose dive. FLO are dealing with it as I've gone as far as 'I' can. Below are a few videos to try show issue. Last night the sky clear but just powered it off as pressing the down arrow just sent the OTA downwards -either with one big jerk or a slow unstoppable slow decent - even pressing the up button can not stop it when it decides to tip down. Again, I appreciate you took the troub
  3. Hi , Thanks for reply. No it does not go down by itself when the motor is off. There is nothing only a supplied 25mm eyepiece on it. What I notice is that with the other arrows when I lift my finger off there is a tiny little click when the motors turn off - which is instantaneous. With the down arrow there is no such stop, one hears the motors slowing and I assume it is just friction that brings the OTA to a stop after it has travelled about 10 degree of downward motion (more than intended). Cloudy tonight , might have a chance to try it out tomorrow, but this behaviour is so pronounced that
  4. Thanks Brantuk for your reply. I did follow most of those steps as I've been a lurker on this forum for many weeks, however I did not know about the East/West thing so I will follow that next time out. Lucky me just got a brief break in the clouds (just getting darkish here) and slewed very quickly to the Double Cluster just 10 mins ago - WOW! I have a Nextstar 102SLT up to now. I am just going to love this scope! What a view - breathtaking in this 8". On slewing when tracking the down arrow behaves itself ( I know the rates are much less when in tracking mode) but I really am frustrated when
  5. Hi, Hope someone can advise on this. It may be backlash issue but to be honest I only have an poor idea of what constitutes backlash. Brand new scope - just arrived & setup today! Seems like a great scope but somethng has me worried, I have very carefully set it up and have it set to my latitude. I notice when I raise the scope in declination using the up arrow when I let it go the scope more or less stops straight away and the motor stop whirling but when going down using the down arrow if I let it go the scope keeps going down for about 2 secs with the motor slowing before stopping - a h
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