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  1. jazkat

    moon shot

    my second time photographing the moon, this is the best of the 9 shots i took. not sure how to use registax so i have to post the raw image,I know its only 1 shot but hope you enjoy anyway.
  2. hi again all and thanks again for the kind welcomes. ok after a getting to know my scope tonight i pointed at the moon and took a photo. i know its not totally in focus but it was taken holding a cheap 5mp camere at the eyepiece, this was the best of the shots.
  3. hi, just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the warm welcome hello to the newbies also, gary and anna. will let you know when ive had a decent look at the skies, lastnight a neighbour left his back garden light's on so my backyard was kind of glowing lol. jason.
  4. Just thought i would be polite and say hello to all the member's here at stargazers and say congrats to all the people who put this forum together. My name is jason, ive always been interested in the sky above and have always been facinated with space ( dont think il ever be an astronaut tho).... Anyway i have just purchased my first scope and have been lurking in the forums but have decided to sign up i was offered a good deal on a ex demo skywatcher 8" dob and took it, so now my journey of the skies is about to start. this is my first scope so i have alot to learn, it outside now cooling down so im about to go out and point it at the heavens, seeing conditions dont seem to good tho...wish me luck lol. happy observing all
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