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  1. Im glad something is being worked out, it is unfair that many of perspective buyers were beaten to an item by traders. I hope the new forum can help curb that problem.
  2. Wow those are very nice Sheri, I must invest in a HA scope somewhen and join the party
  3. I dont mean to be a thread necromancer but is there any development on the rental schemes?
  4. This sounds like a great idea, I am currently saving up for an astrotrac setup. I would soon be sending in an order for the wedge and tracker, maybe even the pier if i can avoid any expenses this month. A rental scheme would be fantastic, it would let me have a preview of what exactly what I was hoping to buy over then forthcoming months.
  5. Jupiter was my first celestial wonder that transformed an interest in astronomy to a passion in astronomy. I have yet to see it this summer as it is a late object, but in a few weeks I will see it again. Cant wait
  6. I was thinking of getting a ZS80II DDG later this year, but now...... aaaahh now what am I going to do. Cant wait to see some more pics.
  7. Looks great I will hopefully be buying the 80mm version later this year. Can't wait to have the same excited feeling you have just described.
  8. Oh dear, im looking at it now and someone is looking at buying a £400 rubbish bin and a bathroom mirror. Wonder what it will end up at on tuesday afternoon?
  9. Wow nice job, my wee astronomer has to be lifted or stood on a step ladder to see through the eyepiece. Can a 6 year-old steer it around the sky? My little astronomer is 8 and I'm sure she would love it if I made something low to the ground for her.
  10. Thankfully my dob is too tall for anyone to hang clothes on, and the sct is in a box even higher then that. Anything that is much over 5ft high in my house is safe.
  11. I like it the way it is, the only way I could see FLO providing anyone with a weekly prize would be a £5-10 e-voucher. Praise and constructive comments would be enough for me.
  12. Nice find, if I didnt have car tax to pay this month I'd be ordering one now Hope the price sticks for a couple of weeks
  13. Im off to mars as well! hope the inflight movie is good (and long)
  14. I enjoy observing my neighbour through the window , nah not really nothing interesting there - I usually observe the double cluster on nearly every session, such a great object. If there are any planets around then I will give each one some eye time. I usually have a list to complete that I have written out at work while bored, when I have covered what i can from that list I will return to my regular favourites.
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