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  1. Hmmm. Am I really the only person planning to view the Transit of Venus on June 6th from North London? Anyone from Barnet, Haringey, Enfield etc know a good place to view the sunrise - it's best to have an elevated/uninterrupted view of the NE horizon? Anyone?
  2. Hi there, Is anyone planning to view the Transit of Venus on June 6th from the North London area? I live in Muswell Hill and it would be nice to meet with others somewhere that has a decent NE horizon to view the event. I've looked at Alexandra Palace and Parliament Hill with great Southern views but not so good Northeastwards. Any ideas? Greg
  3. Hi All, For some reason I bid on an 10" dew heater strip (low bid but I won) even though I have an 8" NexStar. I'm not into electrics fiddling to shorten it so should I: 1: Wrap the extra amount round so it doubles up for a section (actually about 4")? 2: Let the extra portion hang loose? 3: Anything else? What would the repercussions of 'doubling' up be? I am told I should position the dew strip on the orange tube just behind the black corrector plate casing to heat the inner void. I don't do astrophotography, just casual observing. Clear skies, clear optics, Greg
  4. Thanks for the tips everyone. So far we have: Maplins - they don't appear to do glow-in-the-dark ones Maplins + add glow paint - nice idea Ian , I might try out my Blue Peter skills Head Torch - this is what I'll probably do (until I find a glow in the dark level) Leveling isn't too important - good to know it's not critical but I'm sure it's worth getting it roughly level with SkyAlign iPhone Level - yep, tried that and sounds like it might be more accurate than I thought. Cons for me were too much light, it does 'stick' sometimes and it doesn't feel very safe for, well, a £400 level 'GPS S
  5. Does anyone know who sells bubble / bullseye / circular Spirit Levels that glow in the dark or are self-illuminated in some way? I have a Nexstar 8" SE (without an in-built level) and it seems like the ideal way to level the mount. I presume the glow won't last long after taking it outside but then leveling is one of the first things you do anyway. I have looked on the Net but nothing so far. Clear skies, level tripods Greg
  6. Excellent post, especially the Forum quotes stuff: Forum BTW - By The Way AFAIK - As far as I know HTH - Hope This Helps IIRC - If I recall Correctly IMHO - In My Humble Opinion There must be many more of these, like LOL - Laugh out loud PM - Private message ITA - I totally agree IYSWIM - If you see what I mean though I'm no abbreviation expert so I call on others to add to this too. Greg
  7. Hi there Havent had any clear nights here of late and I'd like to catch it before it fades. How do you find lens shake with the 15x? Im afraid to go above my 10x due to what I've heard about shaky images. Will you get a tripod when you get your 25x? Greg
  8. I can't look up standing for more than a few minutes without feeling discomfort. You will likely do yourself harm like this. Sunlounger (with armrests) or deck chair with binos is essential. The lawn = cold, damp, buggy, though if there's no choice, use a picnic blanket. Add a blanket/sleeping bag and a slim cushion and you'll be well comfy! Clear skies Greg
  9. NASA say the 6 ton satellite " is the largest NASA satellite to re-enter in about 30 years". Due reenter on Friday but no location given. Greg
  10. :)The place to report Fireballs in the UK is the SPA popastro site: Society for Popular Astronomy - MeteorSectionMaking and Reporting Fireball Observations The magnitude definition of a fireball is actually -3 or brighter. As for 'enhanced pat downs' that will hopefully remain the preserve of our American cousins. Greg
  11. Chances are you were lucky and saw a sporadic fireball (if it was mag -5 Venus or brighter). If it broke up then I think they are called bollides. However there are some reports on this forum of enhanced meteor activity so perhaps they are connected? Can't recall where best place to report it is but it's worth doing. Greg
  12. Your exact location is crutial to how bright the flare will be. I think even a few miles will significantly change the magnitude of the flare so what is -8 for you is likely to be quite a bit less for anyone some distance from you. Heavens Above website will tell you where and how bright an Iridium flare will be at it's brightest. Greg
  13. I'd like to ask the question if anyone else has seen the ISS flare? If so how bright can it get? Greg
  14. Thanks everyone for pointing out The Illustrated Guide To Astronomical Wonders. I too will shortly be ordering my copy from Amazon! Greg
  15. The typical appearance of an Iridium flare is a quick few seconds fade up from 'nothing' to Vega / Venus brightness (or more, -8 is the max?) for a few seconds with an equally quick fade off to 'nothing' or very faint. It all takes 10-15 seconds max while moving at a slow satellite pace. The best non-planetarium website for tracking Iridium Flares is 'Heavens Above'. A simple but brilliant site to track satellites and comets. There you will find out what happened in your skies that night! I've seen dozens of ISS passes and alas it's never flared for me. The ISS tends to be a consistent brightn
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