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  1. Greetings to you from the West Coast of Ireland. The moon is out and low in the sky.There is a little cloud. I hope you have fun with your telescope, the night sky is a wounderous place and there's lots to explore....
  2. There is a hardware shop in the town here that has a pub in it.On the west coast a lot of shops would have a pub and sometimes a funeral business (!) They can have a lot of charm - Dublin has pubs with loud music and sports tv.Very few good ones there. I'm sure you loved Kerry!
  3. Hi Talitha, I have a Meade ETX 70AT telescope (Lidl special) Hertel Reuss 40mm 15x - 40x folding scope (excellent German quality) Hartmann Wetzlar Porlerim 10x40 binoculars (as above) Cambron 45mm 8x - 20x zoom monocular (not best quality but handy) and Bresser 10x25 binoculars (cheap but not great for astronomy) I have coming in the post Yashica 7x35 10 degree FOV binoculars which I expect to be excellent and easier to use than the Hartmann's.
  4. Hello from South Galway. Skies are lovely and dark here in the countryside. I am a very casual observer, like to look at the constellations (Delphinius is my favourite) and try see shooting stars. I have a Meade telescope (from Lidl) but I prefer binoculars. The skies here are fantastic, you can see so low down that I don't know the constellations! I love the Sky At Night as it is literally the only programme on tv that has never dumbed down.I don't understand all of it but thats why I like it...it doesn't pander to dumbness. Come to the West of Ireland, the roads are terrible but you will have a great time!
  5. I was enjoying going out recently and watching shooting stars but that old moon has ruined it!
  6. I grew up in Dublin and the skies weren't too bad when I was a teenager.I left nearly 3 years ago and many years you would not get any dark skies all year round. I live in the South of Galway now (West coast of Ireland) and the skies here are fantastic and you can see really low down. I have a Meade telescope & Hertel & Reuss fold out telescope plus a few binoculars.I am excited tonight coz I got a pair of Yashica 7x35's off eBay in perfect condition.They have a 10 degree field which is superb. I may get them by Friday and maybe the moon will be out of the way by then! Cheers.
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