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  1. Hey guys, I used to come on here a few years ago when I was a student to look at peoples pictures etc but couldn't really afford to buy a telescope so fell out of habit of coming on here. Fast 2 years and I've now graduated and have a job that leaves me with money burning a hole in my pocket! So after watching Stargazing Live I decided to get round to buying a telescope again and here we are. So I've had a look and the telescope I originally wanted hasn't been updated or another brought out, the Skywatcher 130p Dobsonian: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html However another option seems to be available now, the Skywatcher 114p Virtuoso http://www.firstlightoptics.com/heritage/skywatcher-heritage-114p-virtuoso.html Does anyone have one of this? What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on the two telescopes? I want one like this as they're easy to set up and relatively compact as the only place I have to store them at the minute is my bedroom until I move out the 'rents house. Thanks for the replies guys, good to be back!
  2. Ahh someone finally bought it did they? I would've had it off him if I'd had the money and gone and collected it from him. Only lived in Hucknall. Congrats mate
  3. It's up again with a starting bid of £70 now Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P Flextube on eBay (end time 19-Jul-10 14:48:37 BST)
  4. It wasn't was it? You can see the bars along the side where it 'slides' out. And a 76mm one has a different paint job.
  5. No one bought it! Would've been a bargain at £80
  6. Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P Flextube on eBay (end time 11-Jul-10 21:22:45 BST) Decent price for a used one. No ones even bidded yet, will see how much it goes for.
  7. Is there no way to get mains power to the field? This way you can increase security?
  8. I've just discovered my girlfriends dad has some of these. Dunno what they are and they looked quite old but.. What can I expect to see with them without a tripod? Anything good? Or is a tripod really needed?
  9. I was going to get it but I really don't have the funds at the minute
  10. Step_Hen is selling a skywatcher explorer 130 for ~£90 in the for sale forum
  11. Might be the ISS? Check the heavens above website and see what passed over at that time
  12. What settings do you use to capture the stars like that?
  13. How much was it? I have it on 3g so I don't have the compass thing but one of my mates has it on his 3gs and it really is amazing with it moving around with you as you hold it up to the sky.
  14. Heh. Be nice for a dob user to give their view on it now
  15. I'd rather observe sitting down I think I really like the sound of it ie. its portability. I think I'm pretty much decided. With a £20 amazon voucher I can get it for £105 so I think I'll go with that.
  16. I use Starmap Pro on my iPhone and I love it. 59p for it on the iPad is a bargain.
  17. Has anyone got this? I am considering buying from as my first telescope due to it being so portable. How does it perform with DSOs? Would it be a good choice for a first telescope for a complete beginner?
  18. Starmap HD is 59p at the minute for the iPad isn't it? I'd get that if I was you. It'll go up to £11 soonish.
  19. I've changed my mind and due to being able to move a heritage 130 around easier I think I'm gonna go for one of them. It's £15 above my budget but I can make it up. Does anyone on the forum have one?
  20. It was focussed aye. It's made me want a telescope even more!
  21. Wow. Thanks TJ. I took a few pictures of it with my 300mm lens on my camera. Here's one to show it was moving and not just a star Thanks TJ, first (and second) time I've ever seen it!
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