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  1. Im sure there used to be a for sale section on here ? Can i put it in this sub forum ? Im selling a skywatcher SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsobian with supplied EPs and a Telrad RDS - 200 the lot.
  2. Im in Kent there's not a cloud in the sky M11 and M3 it is then ! How about M92, Albireo (lovely double star) and the double-double in LyraOh yes, Albireo is ticked on my list will look again though tonight. Havent see Double double in Lyra. Will go for that tonight as well.
  3. Looks like its going to be clear in the SE tonight. So far ive found M13, M57 and M27 Wont be up too late, any suggestions ? I tried M81/2 but i think its too light. Thanks PS 8inch skywatcher Dob.
  4. I posted a while back a little disheartened with my new hobby and was thinking of selling my SW 200P Dob Anyway thanks for all your replies and inspiration. I have now found M13 and last night M57 in poor skys. Fantastic . This is getting very interesting now. Cant wait till the skys get a little darker. Going to get some better EPs also. Thanks for your replies before.
  5. Is M51 visible at the moment ? I spent about an hour last night looking for it but couldn't see a thing - I gave up about 12.15. I have a 8inch dob and not much skill - think ill get a telrad RDF. thanks
  6. Can a right angled finder be used with a red dot finder ? Thanks
  7. Hi Ive owned a Skywatcher 200p not had much sucess with it (see previous posts) Anyway the latest is... 1. Missus put 2 EP caps on the main scope dust cover and when i lifted it the caps fell in the scope - i got them out but theres 2 small black marks on the primary mirror - look like bug splats. Should I be concerned ? 2 I looked at a star tonight and de-focused - The star was at the bottom right of the rings - Could the scope need collimanating ? Thanks for your help all
  8. OK so I'm going to purchase some decent EPs for my Skywatcher 200Dob for the coming months but im confused as to what types. Whats the difference between.... Super Wide Angle Ultra Wide Angle Plossi Also what makes are recommended ? Is Skywatcher OK ? I like the idea of 2 inch and imagine it would be more comfortable to look through ? Any help appreciated.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I guess is I'm an impatient [removed word] LOL. Maybe the WOW factor of seeing Saturn for the first time hasn't worn off and I want more WOW factor now of other objects. Yes Ill wait until Winter and invest in some better/different EPs and maybe think of getting some kind of plynth to put this on. Thanks again.
  10. Sorry this is long winded - I am new to this but I am thinking of selling my Skywatcher 200P I bought a few months back After lurking around this forum for a few weeks and using bins for a few months I purchased my scope spontaneously. First night out I eagerly awaited the sun to set and pointed to Venus. I wasn't that impressed with the bright shimmering pin ***** speckle of light I was looking at. I'm not sure what I was expecting to see but for what it was worth it could have been a distant street light I was observing. I then found Saturn and yes I was quite amazed, very amazed. I stayed out switching between the supplied 25mm and 10mm eyepiece and getting the feel for the scope and the beutifull Saturn. Over the next few weeks I continued to observe attempting to find new objects using Stellarium and Turn left at Orion with no success - I found myself always turning back to Saturn - The Moon was out for a bit which was good. Mars was OK - a shimmering dot. Now, looking at Saturn every night is OK but recently I have just started to get frustrated with this hobby. Firstly lifting the scope out of the house is so precarious - I'm surprised the scope isn't out of line or damaged the amount of times I knock the door-frames or bang it against something - its just so cumbersome and awkward im starting to not bother. Secondly the objects low in the sky are OK to observe - I get a chair and look but observing higher up I find myself again precariously on my knees attempting to line the thing up then trying to find stuff seems impossible by nudging the scope in small increments in the opposite direction. Its not enjoyable. So apart from the Moon and Saturn, putting my back and knees out I cant see what's next for me and this scope ! Maybe its the wrong time of year to start this ? Maybe I'm just not cut out for this ? Can I get a tripod for the 200P so its easier to use ? Any other suggestions ?
  11. Hello First post here. Been lurking for a while and would like to say thanks for the forum - it saved me getting a Argos special and ive found great info from other beginners. Anyway, Wife got me a surprise skywatcher 200P for my birthday :) last week. Finally got round to setting it up and aligning the finderscope. Question1. - the image in the viewfinder is not upside as I was expecting, its more like diagonal, it is inverted but not all the way if you understand.... is this OK or is something out of line ? Question2 what are the 4 thumb screws at top end of the optical tube and what's the thumbscrew under the focusing knobs ? I haven't touched im just curious. OK thanks alot.
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