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  1. Hi Brass n Glass...instead of a white tube, I have a purple one (ooo-errr missus!! ). It has the Hilux coatings and appears to be in good nick (I bought it 2nd hand a few months ago). I'm working away from home at the moment but will have a look as soon as I get home at the weekend. If nothing obvious looks wrong, I'll send it straight to OO to have it serviced.
  2. I'm going to have to wait until the morning to see if I have an allen key to undo the allen bolts that fix the back of the scope onto the main tube. It looks like a 6 or 7mm which I have...just not sure where. Thanks for all the comments guys...very helpful.
  3. If the OMC has a pin, then I reckon it's become detatched which would explain the extreme looseness of the focusing. Cheers for this...I'll have a look tonight.
  4. I'm not sure..when I get back from work, I'll have a look.
  5. I've mailed OO before and they quoted me £35 for a service...with P&P I'm looking at £50. That's not bad, but I'm hoping someone will say, 'what you need to do is...blah, blah'...and save me £50!!
  6. Hi everyone...thanks for the replies and apologies for not getting back sooner...What a nightmare few weeks! I've had to take a new job in Bristol...I live in Kent. :shock: My home pc blew up and it's taken a few weeks to source a new motherboard. :shock: :shock: Soon as the pc is up and running, I get tonsillitis!! However, I'm back to full health etc and will answer some of your replies. The focuser is the same as Captn Chaos ie. looks like the end of a micrometer sticking out. However, it feels REALLY loose...I can detect virtually no resistance when turning. Could this have become detatched in some way?? Needless to say, I can't get the scope to focus accurately...it seems like half a turn out of focus (if that makes sense). If anyone replies, I promise to get back within a day at worst!!
  7. Hi all...just registered and I have a few questions about accessories for my OMC140. I like virtually everything about this scope...except the focuser. Basically it's $hite and I'd like to upgrade. Anyone else out there upgraded their focuser?? I also want a pair of binos after looking through some Denk's. I can't afford Denk's yet but would consider Burgess or WO binos...has anyone had any problems focusing with these? (this applies to Mak-Cass owners). Soon as I'm fully setup (waiting for a new mount...EQ6 goto), I'll start posting some pics.
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