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  1. Will a NE6Q head fit in the large case that is on offer?
  2. I would go for a Samsung NC10 or equivalent with the atom cpu. These netbooks deliver 8-9hrs battery life which is really important when you are out in the field.
  3. Just had a look on ebay to get a "feel" for the LEDs. It states: -40°C to +85°C operating temp Obviously it would use more battery though.
  4. I have got one of these on back order- waiting for stock at Axminster. I would like to mod the LCD display with an LCD one. I just wonder how difficult it would be to do that? Maybe the LED will work better in low temps and you won't have to keep shining a torch on it for a reading.... I will look into it when it arrives.
  5. Irishbloke, where did you buy the GemRed? Axminister sited linked about is out of stock for 2 weeks. Cheers, xmal
  6. Has anyone else given this a go yet? I have an OO metal base and I was wondering if anyone else has modified this base to accommodate the gemrad...
  7. Says that that the tube was homemade, that's why there was no Skywatcher etc keyword. I have a 10" Dob too- you should see loads with it
  8. My account says that 4 other people are making an offer and there are at least 10 units left, so we both should be ok . If you tell me your offer, I'll tell you mine
  9. Put in an offer, but no reply as yet. How about you? I thing the seller has over 10, so I wouldn't worry about it. Either way plenty more Eps in the sky as they say....
  10. Thank you for the heads up on this. I have put in an offer. Can't resist a bargain . Thanks for spending my money lol!! This is turning out to be an expensive hobby. Cheers, xmal
  11. I have good views east and SE. The LP is not too bad in those directions from my location, although it is nowhere near as good as Northumberland.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I live in Newcastle too. If you can head west along the A69 or NW towards Kielder the LP is not too bad. Good Luck with your hobby
  13. Thanks for all the useful inputs. I will keep a look out now for a TV 13mm or 16mm WO UWAN and just see what come my way......
  14. TBH, I did like the 7mm UWAN, but I have not had one clear(ish) evening since I got it. I would like an EP with the same Wide FOV but more mid-power hence my my original post. Once I know roughly what is good I can keep my eyes open on the for sale section and see what come my way. I think I am sold on the TV 13mm T6. I must admit I really like the scope- for me it is an ideal size to carry around per ounce of sweat per mm of aperture!!!!!!
  15. Yes, the 13mm Nagler T6. Based up in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
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