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  1. Dandobi

    Hi Everybody

    Hi Jed! Welcome to the group and hope you find all you're looking for! Marc
  2. Hi BFG, welcome to the group. Marc
  3. Hi Budgie, welcome to SGL. Marc
  4. Welcome Cheryl, just down the road in Notts. Marc
  5. Hi Joe and welcome. Ashford used to be my neck of the woods til last year. In sunny Notts now!
  6. Hi and a warm welcome santo Marc
  7. Dandobi

    morning all :)

    Hi Dell and welcome
  8. Hi Gamin, welcome to the forum!
  9. Dandobi

    Hi All

    Welcome micp. Never too late and as someone a little younger I can tell you I'm looking forward to 50. My kids will move out and I may get 5 mins to myself! Good luck!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Always nice to see a new face.
  11. Welcome to the forum mate and hoping for clear skies for you. Marc
  12. Dandobi

    New member

    Welcome to the forum Colin. Hope you get all the answers you want and looking forward to your pics!
  13. Dandobi

    London Calling

    Welcome to the forum Shaun. Enjoy your new hobby and hoping for clear skies for you!
  14. Good stuff Glider. Gives me hope! Went out for a look but no joy. Was very cloudy in the north so hoping for clearer skies tonite.
  15. Thanks everyone! Was just about to start a new thread about this little beauty but sounds like you've answered all my questions. Will go comet hunting tonight!
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