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    moon pics

  2. if the clouds stay away this next few days we are in for a treat as these planets come together (well nearly) so out came the table, tripod and camera did my fiddling with the settings and click click rushed back in to the lap top and wham got that neat shot:headbang:
  3. After saying goodbye to jupiter and venus as they vanished over the roof tops (yep i say bye every night just in case them clouds come back) i turned my camera to a very bright moon just peeping over the corner of my neighbours roof having a new camera i had to change the settings again so went had a hot choccy and started to play with the settings arrggghh menus dont you just love em well got the settings that i thought would do me and opened the door doubled looked at the moon that was well over the corner now and to my surprise low and behold mars , what i sight (deep thought ran through my head i hope iv got them settings right looking at the incoming clouds:eek: ).so to hell with it click away i did fiddled with some more settings and the clouds rolled past big sigh of relief now of inside and check that sd card out of the snaps i took i think this one was my best
  4. the cropped image looks perfect as you stated to get polaris would be the bees knees
  5. Thankyou was hopeing to do another tonight but the clouds have marched upon me
  6. my first star trail using the nikon 1 camera im so happy with this one cause i know i can improve somewhere along the line
  7. yeah i seen that ridicolous price but i thought theres no way im paying that so if i get one of them c mounts then that will take a t mount etc and is it easy to undo the grub screws or will i need some specilist equipment (you never know in this hobby)
  8. Hi i have come into ownership of a nikon 1 j1 camera what i am after is somehow getting this camera connected to the scope i know i need a tmount but its the adapter im after so i was wondering if any one owns one of these cameras and if they managed to find a adapter i think i have worded that right.
  9. lightorb


    also it could of looked like this which was the 18:45 pass iss 19th febuary 2012 - YouTube
  10. there you go try that website just put in your coordinates Heavens-Above Home Page
  11. thankyou for confirming this much welcomed
  12. will the autostar #497 work with etx 80 as i am currently using the standard one that came with the scope but i know i am limited what i can do with it . thanks any replies would be very helpfull as i dont have a load of money to get another goto scope
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