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  1. Mar_stacking..bmp This is my stacking result, best of 50.
  2. Okay, I do not feel so bad. Using an Orion GoTo 150mm reflector with a 3mp camera, I was able to get these, the first is without stacking, and the latter with stacking.Mars detail.bmp I was able to get these. The first is without stacking and others may be over-processed. I am on the desert floor in the fishbowl known as Phoenix, AZ.
  3. I am new to the site. I purchased an H-a 7 nm filter in 1.25" in a project to develop a pinhole solar telescope. A 1 mm aperture worked fine with a 12% Lunar filter and the 7 nm. I was able to verify that the Sun is round and visible in H-a. The bizarre images were explained by a physicist friend. See attached. So, my solar telescope made up of segments of 3" black sewer pipe, brass pinholes, rack-and pinion focus, and adapters was a bust. Fortunately, the H-a filter only cost $24 used. Now I understand the 7 nm is used for deep sky. I am using a 6" Newtonian GoTo, so I wonder
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