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  1. SkyHermit


    Hi, welcome from me too, there's loads to learn here if you're just starting out, enjoy.
  2. SkyHermit

    A Quick Hello!

    Hi Lazz, welcome, and don't rush into getting that scope, make sure you really know what you want, it's worth the wait in the end.
  3. SkyHermit

    Hey Guys

    Hi Briggsy, welcome to the forum, enjoy
  4. Welcome back to the skies Supay. Cold fields and smuggling kit, naaah can't be the same hobby Jem.
  5. SkyHermit

    Hello everyone

    Hi Angus, three M's down 107 to go :-) welcome to the forum.
  6. SkyHermit

    welcome all

    Hi Clive, welcome from me too.
  7. SkyHermit

    Hi Do!

    Hi earthbound, good to have you here.
  8. Better start saving for your wife's next big birthday, not sure what the going rate of exchange is on diamonds, but a 10" newt has got to be pushing a few carats. Enjoy the scope , and enjoy the forum. Jem.
  9. Hi Chesty, welcome, glad you're here as I'd be lonely if I was the only one asking simpleton questions Jem.
  10. SkyHermit

    hi all

    Hi Pete, welcome, enjoy the board, I've learned loads here already. Jem.
  11. SkyHermit

    Hello :)

    Welcome Nermal, you'll find lots of good stuff here to keep you occupied while you wait for your scope.
  12. Hi Ian, I'm hoping to join up with the Turf Hill party I've not been before either. I won't suggest we hold hands :-) Welcome to SGL.
  13. Hi Colin, from along the coast the other way, greetings from Lymington.
  14. SkyHermit


    Hi Jayne, welcome. Hope you enjoy being here.
  15. Cool shots. Not experienced enough to criticise...I'd love to be able to do this.
  16. Well if that's a test, can't wait for the real thing. One day I'm gonna do pictures like that!
  17. Hi, welcome......not an expensive hobby mmmmh! That's what I keep trying to convince myself.
  18. SkyHermit

    New member

    Hi, and welcome from me too.
  19. SkyHermit


    Good first session, bitten by the bug! Welcome.
  20. Hi from a former Leicester boy who emigrated south. Welcome.
  21. You're right, it's quite a clear satsuma, but hey it's still a good image. thanks for sharing.
  22. I am stunned! I hadn't realised that I was joining such a criminal underworld when I joined this forum. I'm afraid I was born a serial 'rule obeyer' and so wouldn't dream of syphoning off the family finances in such a naughty way. I have always saved my birthday money from my mum (43yrs old is a lot of birthday pennies), so I can spend guilt free. However, next time I have enough cash to buy something interesting I shall ask my wife if we can just pretend that she objects so I can smuggle it in. That way I can get the thrill of the contraband without the risk. Ps. A 10" OTA ought to fit quite snugly into a plastic composter available from your local council for a few pounds.
  23. That's a lot of hours, worth it though, thanks for the view.
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