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  1. Ok, it's still taking me a while to get to grips with some of the shorthand in these threads (I need to do some reading up on image processing and filters), however, still a cracking image, really enjoyed it, makes me sad that the sky is so cloudy today Thanks for your hard work. Jem
  2. That's really interesting, not familiar with this Nebula, really unusual. Thanks for the pic.
  3. Some amazing detail in there, thanks for posting.
  4. Ok, you're losing me in the jargon again, what is 'clipping?' But another great image, thanks Olly.
  5. Great image, thanks for sharing.
  6. Brilliant, love that widefield view. That part of the sky has so much to offer. Thanks for the time and hard work. My brother has his telescope down in the South of France, thinking I need to go for a visit. :-)
  7. Fantastic, really enjoying this sequence.
  8. Ok, now I'm beginning to get lost in the jargon....hoping that if I read enough it will sink in by osmosis. Great image though.
  9. Thanks Olly, great image. About to go and have a look at the others, you have been busy.
  10. Another great image, that part of the sky is so gorgeous. And I'm assuming the two dogs were to keep the horse away
  11. Great image, and I enjoyed the spikes, you are joking about the plugin aren't you? Just remember there are gullible newbies like me around!!
  12. Great image, I was recently at a starparty in the New Forest, UK and a guy was shooing a horse away from his imaging equipment, little did he know how it could have improved his captures.
  13. Erwin, thanks for the images. This is my favourite bit of the forum, and widefield shots like that are just breathtaking, great way to start my weekend. Jem.
  14. Hi Shanmugam, welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing more of what you can see down there. Not a lot to see in the UK at all at the moment, too much cloud.
  15. Hi Midpoint, enjoy the forum.
  16. Hi Steem, hope you're having clearer skies other there than we are over here this week!! Welcome to the forum.
  17. SkyHermit

    New Member

    Hi Nigel, welcome, and worry not about the waffle, I suspect that most of us come here because nobody else will listen , you're amongst friends.
  18. Hi Tomys, hope you enjoy the forum, lots to see and learn here. Welcome.
  19. Hi AA, a warm welcome from me too.
  20. Hi, hope you and ma enjoy your new hobby. Welcome.
  21. Hi Sarah, hope you get some good viewing down there in Plymouth. Welcome from me further along the coast in Hampshire.
  22. SkyHermit


    Hi welcome, and don't rush the scope decision, make sure you get one that's going to last a while.
  23. Hi Datch, I'm not far from you either, over in Lymington. Got interested a few years ago and then saved up my pennies to get a scope. It's worth taking your time before making a purchase, decide what it is you want to look at. Lots of images and advice on the forum. Welcome. Jem.
  24. Fab image, has given me an appetite to track this one down, going to add it to my next observing list. How accessible is it with 8" and reasonably dark skies?
  25. Sounds like the image is not the only thing overstretched, congrats on the new arrival. Staying up to help with the night feed is a good excuse to do some more imaging. Thanks for the pic, not one of the usual suspects, nice to see something different.
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