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  1. This sounds very promising. We will look at this mount as well. You are absolutely right to point this out. Luckily we already have the required permission. It also doesn't pose a risk to air travel as the laser is in UV (355nm) and is therefore very effectively blocked by airline windows. The laser is scattered quite effectively in the atm. Just as a reference, the Observatory involved is this one https://www.auger.org/ We are the worlds largest cosmic ray detector and we already have a large array of lasers firing into the atm for similar purposes, but none are mobile.
  2. Follow up question on my part here. In truth we need something like < 1 degree error on zenith. Smaller numbers are nice, but since we hope to make many measurements at different places in a single night, an easy and fast setup has an advantage over higher pointing accuracies. If self calibration without a telescope is not possible, we have a design for zenith and level alignment using a self built laser level based system. But again. If we can press a button and get 1 degree accuracy that is a huge benefit.
  3. This seems to be the case. Right now we have priced out the Optitron Pro which is quoted to us at ~1100€ + tax so I though maybe we could get under 1000 which speeds things up for us immensely. Right now, unless Stephenstargazer's idea of using a survey mount works, we are probably going to buy the Optitron Pro. Do you like yours?
  4. Basically this. It also possible that we will develop a leveling system in house that can attach to the mount if we cant find what we need. The precision steering is what we wanted from the AZ mounts Thanks fro the info. This should be easy for us to satisfy with the laser PS I am starting to see this is the case. Our payload is pretty light, but durability is key. We can hit higher prices without too much problem, but it slows us down. In your opinion what is the best value AZ mount?
  5. Survey mounts are a good lead, I will look in to them to see if there are any good options there, but for the time being we are still evaluating the AZ mounts. Question on sky calibration. What optics are needed for this? It relies on the telescope for the measurements correct?
  6. Hello! I am new here and have a kinda weird question for you guys. I am a cosmic ray researcher with the Pierre Auger Observatory and I am building a UV laser system to calibrate some of our telescopes. To do this, we need: Self levelling powered steering AZ mount that hit point to the Zenith with high accuracy (most important) and also point to any zenith/azimuth angle we may need. It would be great if it worked well with Linux Battery power is a plus but we will have 24V DC available for the laser already so it is not critical Can handle a payload which is
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