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  1. On second thoughts I'd rather sell the lot as a package - it's just easier for me & I think £900 is a bargain. Let me know if any more pics needed.
  2. With much regret & due to a substantial change in personal circumstances I'm having to sell the following equipment. SW HEQ5 pro - purchase end of Jan from ENS Optical New PSU purchased from - https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/celestron-skywatcher-compatible-12v-mains-power-supply.html#aPSU - as new New Guide Scope & Cam purchased from https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/altair-mg60-gpcam.html#aMG60-VABAR-GP130M - as new New Lynx EQMOD Cable purchased from https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-
  3. Ah yes, just found that & can now move the mount with the directional pad. Thanks alot.
  4. Apt also states cannot connect to mount
  5. Not going too well. Want to check that everything connects and registers OK, getting a mount error in ascom 'connect error: port not available.' Believe I've downloaded all the correct drivers & software but looks like I've fallen at the first hurdle. Cable is connected from laptop direct to the handset port. Any ideas? Cheers
  6. Cheers - think I'll have a go on Saturday when I have a little more time
  7. Cable has arrived! Will hook it up tonight. Is everything controlled via APT? Have other software installed, NINA, PHD2, Ascom, etc etc.
  8. Hi Malc, once polar aligned I guess you close Sharcap & open Phd2? Seems a silly question but I just want to be clear. Many thanks
  9. OK, just so I have this right, I can use the guide scope & camera with SharpCap to first PA, then switch the camera to guiding using PHD2?
  10. This is the cable....https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html
  11. OK, I've jumped in and purchased the cable (rolled eyes from the Mrs)...also read most of your thread....stay tuned as may need some help!
  12. Thanks - started reading an am already confused!
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