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  1. Having a newish computer I don't have a rs 232 port and that is the only cable that comes with the kit to update the firmware for some reason. Is there a cable brand that is known to work with the synscan? Ta.
  2. Satellites or even apogee stages from space launchers. It has long been predicted that we will be trapped or entombed here on Earth by space junk or debris from exponentially increasing collisions from all this close earth activity.
  3. Hi Shane, I'm a new Skywatcher 150P owner and can tell you a bit about it. I wouldn't say it was exactly grab and go but I can recommend it as a beginners scope that is reasonably portable, but has the Oomph to give some decent views of the night sky. You should find a scope and stand for £250.00 easily. I bought mine from Harrison Telescopes and can recommend them as a good supplier. I spoke to a bloke called Ed, and found him patient and informative when answering my newb questions. Email confirming order and my mails answered in minutes. Here is the link for the scope Skywatcher 150P on their site. The scope itself is about 27" long and the mount breaks down into two parts (three if you count the accessory tray). The stand on its own 31". So you can pack it down and store in a wardrobe no problem when not in use. But it makes a nice piece of furniture if you want to leave it set up in your living room. I'd suggest you get at least one filter and polar cope at the same time you buy one. The filter to help block out the dreaded light pollution, £20.00ish. And a Polar Scope to help centre on the pole star, £30.00ish. This screws into the mount in-lne with the polar axis and helps you line up accurately with Polaris when you look through it. Not exactly necessary but very helpful. You get the option to upgrade this scope by adding GOTO later if you want. You can find this for £300.00 (£280.00 if you shop around). Takes about 20-30 mins to fit and adjust, and makes finding your favourite planets and stars etc... a doddle. You'll need a battery or jump starter too if you decide you must have this groovy extra. I was initially looking at the 130P but plumped for the 150P because it gave a few more upgrade options and much better performance in a similar sized package. Hope this helps with your decision making. Feel free to ask if you have any Qs.
  4. This one breaks the budget by a few quid. But what about the Skywaycher 130P heritage? They can be picked up for £125.00 and look the business.
  5. Oh Poo! Now I want one. No more threads or posts about groovy gadgets please.
  6. ^ Thanks both, just off to buy one. I'll get a two metre cable just to be on the safe side.
  7. I've jumped in and bought a GO TO system for my EQ3-2. I'm going to get the Maplins jump starter to power it. I just spoke to the guy from Astronomiser, but he can't take orders over the phone. I botched setting up a Paypal account years ago and can't be bothered to retrieve my details, so will have to look elsewhere. Is there anyone else supplying the right connectors I can try to phone my order in? Buy the sound of it they don't include one with the pack any more. Thanks.
  8. As someone who has just been through the process. I feel your pain. Make your choice and don't look back. Look up.
  9. Another recent arrival here. From what I understand of my reading so far, you'll be needing to investigate time delay imaging to get any worthwhile results when viewing stars or nebulae. I may go that way myself eventually. Researching prices and portability, I didn't think an 8" was worth it in the end. I have just bought a 6" reflector. It's big enough to get good views of the Moon and Planets (weather permitting), but portable when broken down. I don't think I would feel out of place mixing it with other astronomers, but it didn't break the bank.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I'm having a bag made as I can get mates rates. He's going to use canvas and line it with a thick quilted layer. I really just want some lightweight storage/carry bag for the reflector and associated bits n' bobs. The stand just needs a thick canvas carry bag made with pockets for the weights.
  11. I'm already planning upgrades to my telescope. I found this charger offer (£24.99) for what looks like the same pack Demonperformer recommends: Rolson 12v Power Pack I may get one myself and stick it away in case I ever decide to get GOTO.
  12. Well, my Skywatcher 150P has arrived and It's looking lovely in it's shimmering black and gold fleck livery. I must say, the build quality is much higher than I was expecting for what is considered a beginners scope. The stand is solid and study. The reflector itself feels substantial without being clumsy. I was expecting a tinny tube but am delighted with scope/stand combo build, and attachments. I don't think I'll be wanting anything bigger for a long time to come but will supplement over the years, adding bits and bobs when the need arises. The first thing I want to get, is some kind of storage bag that can also transport the scope and stand. I've done a bit of googling and forum search but no joy. Are there any suppliers for these? If not I'll get a padded carry bag made by an upholsterer friend as I want to project my new scope when it's not in use or being moved.
  13. @ All, I'll check out the book and site recommendations over the weekend. Though not with a scope... maybe??? Still waiting for blast off. If it doesn't arrive today I'll have to wait until Monday because they don't seem deliver weekends here any more from recent experience. I've been having problems posting because the bb software no likey my sign up addy, so all my posts have to be cleared before they appear. Hopefully after ten posts (this one), I can join the party proper. Then you'll all be sorry, because I firmly believe that anything less than 18.4 posts a day definitely puts you in the lightweight division of forum PWs.... Kidding. Turn left has arrived so that will keep me warm until the main event. And I found the user manual on-line for my make and model of scope. So today I'll mostly be wearing collimation.
  14. ^ Thanks Talitha I'll check that out. Glad it comes Linux flavour. @ Ant, Cheers. Got your message. I'll stick with that addy and see if it sorts itself out after ten posts. If not, I'll set up a yahoo or googlemail account. That's regarded as the best email provider money can buy I'll have you know. No scope yet!
  15. I'm not an astronomer yet. But if postie pulls his finger out I will be by this evening.
  16. A Londoner, It's probably as bad as it can get for me. It put me off buying a telescope until now, but in the end the urge to jump in became to much. I'm hoping the filter I'm getting along with my new toy will alleviate things a bit.
  17. Thanks again for the welcome everyone. I've been doing a bit of youtubing on my choice of telescope while waiting for the new arrival. If the results are anything like as good as I've seen, I'll be delighted. I have Stellarium on my netbook which has been filling the gap. *Edited spelling*
  18. I'm hoping my new Skywatcher 150P will arrive today. However, the weather has been a bit moody of late and light pollution bad in my location. I was wondering if there are any good DVDs members can recommend for beginners so I am at least learning the basics while waiting for more suitable gazing conditions? I have a book on order, but also have a space going begging on the dvd shelf. T.
  19. Thanks Ed, Will check that out. I have Stellarium on a netbook which will do until then. Will get the telescope set up and get some reading under my belt first. T.
  20. Thanks for the welcome. Like I said, living where I do I'll not be expecting too much at first. But I have one thing in my favour. The back of my house faces south so I should get some spectacular views of the Moon from my loft to cut my teeth. Also, I have relatives living high up in the back of beyond in Shropshire, so will be heading off there at the earliest opportunity to enjoy the night as it's meant to be seen. I have one question before I dig deeper into the forums. Will I need sky maps, or should that book be enough to get me up and running? T.
  21. Hi all. New to stargazing and eagerly awaiting delivery of my even newer SkyWatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 (hopefully tomorrow). Living in north London, I don't know what results I'll be getting to start with. I have also invested in a copy of Turn Left at Orion so I'm good to go. I started with a notional budget of £150.00, but thanks to this forum and a little research I plumped for the rig above as it has some upgrade potential should I want to go that route. I doubt I'll ever want anything bigger tho. T.
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