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  1. Stepping away from the sillyness... Yes my scope is fine and I have seen no degridation in the optics. A few long exposures I took with a DSLR showed a stray hair up once dew started to form, but otherwise nothing to report...... Obviously just having forked out over a grand on a new scope and scratching the lens after 2 weeks was cause for concern, but by the sounds of it there is no need to worry. To answer your question Zakalwe, I kept the eyepiece in and went for the piriscope look!!
  2. Well, there are way too many kind offers to take the broken junk off my hands, however I could not decide on a best home to send it to. Instead I went to the shop, brought myself a large bag of Monster Munch - Beef flavour.... Removed the corrector plate from my scope and fashioned myself a very elaborate hat out of the OTA. If I can't use the scope - no one can! But now at least I look cool in my new hat!!
  3. Unfortunately I only accept Ugandan Dollars..... Many thanks for your kind offers though!!
  4. Hi, This is a great DSLR and is good for astro imaging as well. As mentioned before, it is more suited to DSO's and star field images, not so great for planets. you can pick up a cheap webcam that will do the planets well. It will depend on what scope and mount you use to image with as well, although mounting the camera on a motorised mount with a wide lens will give some stunning wide field images of the sky.
  5. Hi Bellyeye, I recently purchased the C8 SGT for myself and can whole heartedly say it is a fantastic scope. The GOTO motors are a bit noisy but you can reduce the noice and improve the smoothness of the gears with a little DIY. i have done this work myself and it's fairly straight forward. I have also done some imaging with this scope unguided and have had much much better results than I imagined possible. 90 second exposures are generally no problem with the right polar allignment and callibration of the GOTO. I would highly reccomment this set up for the budget you have. From all the research I did it appeas to be some of the best "bang for your buck" you can get for that price range.
  6. Please transfer the money to my offshore bank account in Nigeria... The telescope will be delivered to you on the 30th February
  7. Guns, Dogs and now birds..... These are all things I did not see covered in Backyard Astronomers Guide. Maybe there should be a new guide book published containing real stories on what can obviously become a very bizarre hobby I will leave the corrector plate alone for now, the scuff after all is pretty insignificant. I wouldn't want to encourage a bidding war on here for my scope. Especially as the haggling is not working in my favour. I could end up paying someone to take it off my hands at this rate!! Although £6.32 is tempting......
  8. So... in summary.... If I ruin it with a cloth, and shooting it doesn't work, I can always get a tenner for it??!! Sounds like I'm a winner either way ha ha! In all seriousness, thanks for all your advice guys.
  9. Ah I see.... Ok, any tips on cleaning the front glass element on an SCT then? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! So I will most definitely leave it alone then, don't want to make it worse. I have a telescope lens cleaning kit and a lens pen for my DSLR. Would this be ok to at least clean the glass carefully? It's getting a little bit water marked from dew. I know it's probably a silly question but want to make sure I'm cleaning it correctly as not to make anything worse than it already is. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, Quick question from me, and I am hoping the answer is no.... I have a Celestron C8 SGT and have managed to ever so slightly scuff the glass element when replacing the lens cover. It is only very small and is only visible when at a certain angle, but I am worried that I have ruined the scope. I tried to take some pics but it didn't show up in the picture. 2 questions on this, I haven't touched the glass yet, but is there any way to buff the scuff out? and also, will a small scuff ruin my viewing or imaging? Cheers
  12. Hi, There isn't much complex gearing in the mount. There is a servo motor which feeds a cog which then turns the worm gear... It's a fairly simple set up. I have found the main problem is the sound increase when the OTA is on the mount. This comes from amplification through the OTA and I'm guessing added strain on the motor from the weight Am going to keep tweaking it until it's as quiet as it can be. Cheers
  13. Sure no problem... The material I used is Acoustipack lite AcoustiPack Lite Multi-Layered Material Kit (ACOUSTIPACKLITE) - dabs.com There are 2 types, lite and ultimate I think it is. The lite is only 4mm thick and so ideal for lining the casing. The ultimate I believe is 7mm and will probably be too think. The material has self adhesive on the back, so it just needs to be cut into shape and stuck on the inside of the casing. I will try to post pictures as soon as I can.... Cheers
  14. Hi All, Another quick update from me...... So I have now soundproofed the RA Drive casing using Acoustipack soundpreefing material. It is usually used for dampening noise generated in high end PC's but looked thin enough to do the job with my mount. AND...... I was right!! So, it is a little bit fiddly. Basically I have wrapped material around the motor itself and lined the inside of the plastic casing with as much as is possible. Bear in mind that too much can make it impossible to close the casing back up again - something I learned the hard way. The combination of the material and the sand and re grease of the gears has worked wonders. I still need to sound proof the DEC axis, but the sound is so much better with just the re-grease that I'm in no rush. I will do it though as I want to get it as quiet as possible. One other thing I have found is that the sound vibrates from the mount into the OTA which acts almost like an amplifier. Depending on what scope you use this will differ. My C8 SGT loves to carry the sound which is a little annoying, seeing as the gears with no OTA or just a DSLR mounted are a LOT quieter than they were. I found a way to stop the OTA amplifying the sound as much which I am quite pleased with. What I did was lined the Dovetail mount (not sure if that is the right description?... basically the part of the mount that you attach the scope to) with the same sound proofing material, and it seems to dampen the vibrations to the scope. Not making it silent, but again a nice improvement. I still need to play with the worm gears a little as the slewing noise can be louder in one direction than another, but I have managed to reduce backlash quite a bit as well. Managed 90 seconds of unguided photography on Orion nebula the other night with great results. I will try and post some pics of the soundproofing on here when I can for anyone who wants to give it a go. It's pretty easy, but requires a bit of trial and error as not to cram too much into the casing. If nothing else, it has kept me busy for a good few hours and still a few more to go.... and my neighbours will not be so angry with me when the warmer evenings roll in. Whenever that may be!!! Happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to give it a go. Cheers
  15. Hi All, Just a quick update from me as I know a few people will be interested to know how I got on... I have followed Astronomy Boys CG5 improvement guide. It took me 2 days to get right as the guide is based on an older CG5 model, and some of the parts are different, however I managed to dismantle, clean, sand and re grease the whole mount. I have to say that after some fine tuning of the worm gears on each axis it seems to have made quite a difference to the noise. The mount no longer sounds like it is screaming when it moves the scope about. It is by no means silent, but a marked improvement over how it was. Next on the list is to buy some sound proofing material used to quieten down PC internals which aparently cuts noise down considerably. My aim is to then wrap the motor in the material and potentially making a jacket out of it for the plastic casing. Will get back and let you all know how I get on... So far so good though!! Cheers
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