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  1. Seestar has updated the app. You can now stack and edit the images. Here's M42
  2. This is M81 using the S50. I haven't done anything to it. Previously I had my phone/app Freeze on me and lost about an hours data. This was shortly after an update. I picked a target on a less than ideal night (a bit of very high cloud) and just left it. 20 second exposures No filter 110 mins of data
  3. I hope you can. Like I said I emailed the developer about using a Chromebook, they said possible but not recommended as the hoops you have to go through
  4. At the moment I don't think it does, maybe in the future perhaps. I asked the support team from Seestar about using a Chromebook, as its an android device, They said its possible but you have to jump through a lot of hoops and turn on developer stuff to get it to work. I expect it would be a similar thing with an Iphone to Ipad
  5. This was from last night. Either a fox or a cat bumped into the mount.
  6. I've just had delivery of the Seestar S50. Just connected it to my phone, waiting for some clear sky's now
  7. Is there a particular make or type of GPS dongle I need for the GPS feature on EQmod?
  8. Very new to this guiding malarkey and didn't want to start changing setting to much or would get myself in alsorts of trouble
  9. Ok I have an EQ6 Pro mount and I can connect it to my laptop. I can move it around using eqmod. PH2 seems to be able to communicate with it (I've tried the other options for different mounts the one I choose doesn't throw up any errors) My question is When it's calibrating, it's really really slow. which in turn causes me other problems later on. I use the ZWO mini and a small 30mm scope.
  10. Will the guider work hand in hand with the auto aligner. Is it something that I can plug into the available socket. I have an adapter that allows me to use the Celestron auto align with my skywatcher mount. The adaptor has a spare port. Will it all work as one (auto align+guider
  11. As far as I can tell the Celestron starsense auto align does not track, there isn't any facility to track. It takes you to where you want to go and then leaves the rest to your mount. I use PHD2. I have no issue with using it but if it can all be done in one simple package it would be better when I'm taking it out on the road. ( at the moment I have a pier in the garden)
  12. I have the starsense auto align on my EQ6 R PRO. It works fine getting you to the target, but it doesn't actually keep the target in view. It turns out that celestron also does a guide scope. Does anyone have any experience with the guider? Is it something that can run alongside the auto align on the EQ6 mount? I already guide using ZWO mini guide scope and the ASI 120MM camera.
  13. Ain't that the truth. I'd only just put it up. When I'm using it, it's a little more organised lol
  14. Yes thank you. It took awhile to realise that the red ring is essentially a locking nut. The whole front lense rotates/unscrews to get focus .
  15. I think because I have just discovered that it has (Albeit limited) helical focuser, and thanks to you, the realisation that I can focus it during the day, is enlightening. Thank all for your input.
  16. Hmm from what I can tell, mine does have a helical focuser. Perhaps mine needs to be worked to loosen it up. It's the 30mm one (ZWO mini)
  17. Ok, I have bought the ZWO bundle from FLO. It's mounted on my 8" edge. I have PHD2 installed and everything thing it needs to communicate with my mount, which it does. My biggest issue by far is achieving focus. I've got it close, but to get it right eludes me. Is there a decent alternative with focuser? I don't mind paying out some money, but I don't want to just pay out £££££'s for another telescope when a cheap alternative is available. I've had a look at off axis guiding, and although it would be good, I also want to be able to swap the guide camera between my 8" and 12" SCT's with the minimum of fuss.
  18. Turns out it was a faulty module. FLO sent a replacement, works fine.
  19. I'll email FLO in the morning and see what they suggest. Thanks for your input
  20. Yes I check everytime, this is how I know sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't. As for time, I realise it takes awhile, I also have the GPS module for the mount, and that can take ages.
  21. The GPS module is the one supplied by FLO for starsense. The starsense camera and handset came with an adaptor for use with the Skywatcher mount.
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