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  1. Yes then I think the 385 will be more of a good 'allrounder'. I wanna do some EAA for DSO, where the larger sensor and pixels will help with. Also want to do some planetary
  2. I think i'll go for the ASI385MC instead. Better resolution than the 224, and still equally sensitive. It also has a bigger sensor. Do you guys think it'll work well with my evostar 72ED, 130mm reflector with 650mm FL or 90mm achro with 910 FL?
  3. Hello, I want to begin with EEVA and need some help choosing a camera. I have a Skywatcher Evostar 72ED scope and i'm in between choosing the ASI224 or the new (2020) ASI462. I want to do some DSO and planetary EEVA from a light polluted city (red zone) with a budget, but i'm a bit lost. Can someone help me out with choosing which one of these two I should buy? The 224 is cheaper, but I can get the 462 for almost the same price so that's also making this difficult...
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