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  1. Ah cool, someone local... thought about Danby Beacon myself or Sutton Bank even fancy Tan Hill. Eyes to the skies
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone...
  3. I'm in no rush at the moment, I can wait for a bit, might get the eyepiece and filter first Eyes to the skies
  4. My wallet is gonna suffer..! I'll add that to the list too John and look to getting one. Eyes to the skies
  5. I've got a Skywatcher 127 Mak Cas at the moment with the standard 10mm and 25mm eyepieces. Eyes to the skies
  6. Hi john, I did look at the variable polarising filters, may have to look some more as I use one in my photography. So far its 2 for 2 with Hyperflex... Eyes to the skies
  7. Seen you had one of them in your equipment list so I'll take that as a personal recommendation...thanks Eyes to the skies
  8. Thanks Zermelo...don't know why I went away to be honest as my son loves Astronomy...he just needs to learn how to wrap up warm now...! Eyes to the skies
  9. Hi all, After some advice regarding eyepieces and filters. I was thinking of getting an ND filter and an OZ 9-27mm Zoom eyepiece for my scope, is this is wise investment or would it be better to buy individual eyepieces... Cheers, eyes to the skies D
  10. Hi all, New(ish) to the forum, I say that as I have another profile on here but its been a while and I can't remember the login details. Just dusted off my scope last week after a lay off and I'm back in love with everything about astronomy. My 13yr old son loves it and is amazed by some of the things he's seen last weekend. Based in Stockton but like to travel to some decent observing sites when I can, I'm aware of Sutton Bank and Kielder and they're both on my list, but if anyone has anywhere else they know about I'm all ears. Equipment wise I'm using a pair of Celestron Skymaster 25x70
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