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  1. Currently I only have the two which came with it.
  2. So I’ve just taken delivery of my Skywatcher Heritage 130P telescope and I’m looking at getting a 2 x Barlow Lens. Is there a particular brand or type which would work best with this telescope? Bonus Question - What other essential accessories/equipment would you say would be great to go with this telescope? Thanking you in advance!
  3. Hello all, Just looking to see if there are any recommendations for a book for new starters to astronomy? It might sound a bit vague but just seeing if anyone has a go to ‘bible’ they use a lot or started out with. Something that perhaps give tips and pointers about telescopes, binoculars and how different equipment (eye pieces, etc.) will make an impact. Also about good times of the year to see what etc. Looking forward to hearing your ideas
  4. Thank you for your replies and welcomes. To be honest I’d be happy to see anything really to start with as there is so much to see. I find it all fascinating! Peter your comments do make a lot of sense with regards to the planets and the countless star clusters around. From the link Robin sent would it be more prurient to start with something like a Sky-Watcher Heritage 100 just to get a basic grasp before looking at something like the 130?
  5. I know many people have been asking this and I have done so much reading around that I keep going round in circles! Astronomy is something that I’ve been interested in and finally want to get stuck into. I appreciate that there are different telescopes and lenses for different purposes. Ideally I’m looking for a starter telescope to view planets and nebulae (where possible) with a budget of c£150. I do live in a town so light pollution could be an issue to consider also. I may look at a telescope that’s easier to move too so I can leave the town to get away from some of the light. So far I’ve been looking at: Celestron 114 AZ Sky-Watcher Explorer 130 (EQ-2) Obviously I’m looking for some input and recommendation from people who are active amateur astronomers. Please do tell me if I’m barking up the wrong tree with what I’ve been looking at or what would be best for a telescope. I was also wondering whether it be best to steer clear from EQ and stick to AZ for a starter as I’m under the impression EQ takes a bit more time and experience to use. Thank you.
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