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  1. Thanks for all the advice, definitely makes for some interesting thinking and reading from everyone's experiences! Thanks Zermelo, I did check FLO over the Black Friday period, but never saw that! Alas was snapped up quick by some lucky soul. jacobingonzo - Always nice to see a fellow from Carlisle! It's a small world, even online! Will definitely let you know which road I end up going down
  2. Was looking to plumb the wisdom of this community on this one and see what advice is there for someone dipping his toe in. I'm just getting started and been using a 90mm Skywatcher Refractor on a EQ3-2 Mount for the last few months. I also have experimented with a basic second hand Celestron LCM Mount to get a taste for GoTo - Alt/AZ style. It's definitely a hobby i'd like to keep pursuing, so have set myself a rough £400-500 budget to get myself a new telescope that will last another year or two until I get a bit more experience, before investing anything else. My requir
  3. I've had a good search through a lot of similar threads for help, and not really found an answer. So forgive the question if it's a common one. I have a Celestron LCM mount, which connects via a USB A to Mini B Cable. Firmware all updated. The goal is to use Astrophotography Tools to control the Camera and Mount, rather than two seperate programs just for ease of convenience. Installed: Latest ASCOM Platform 6.5 Prolific Serial Drivers Celestron CWPI Celestron Unified Telescope Drivers for ASCOM CWPI works fine via Manual Connection to
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