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  1. Im new to this so I don’t know what a petzval is I’ve looked it up and I’m still confused. I do like the redcat but what puts me off it is the focus which is like a normal lens I like the idea of the fine focus the z61 has and also it has a little more focal length too
  2. I have seen the redcat51 I prefer the focuser on the z61 to the Redcat.
  3. Yeah I did look at the ED72 but I’d rather pay a little more for the fl53 glass.
  4. I’m starting out at Astrophotography with my canon 77d and have taken some photos of the moon and some deep sky with my existing telescope which is a Celestron Astro fi 127 mak and with my lenses that I have 50mm, 60mm and 55-250mm. im looking at getting a star adventurer once they are available again as I’d like some very portable I’m also looking at getting a small telescope as well. I’ve narrowed it down to the William optics Z61 or the skywatcher evo 80 both have the fl53 glass which I would like and both are a similar price which would be the better scope?
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