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  1. Yip so inconsiderate. The irony is that I'm in Scotland so covered by the high hedges laws. If I planted leylandii and allowed them to grow high enough to block the lights, they'd also be casting shadows into their garden so I'd need to get them cut back. So they're entitled to enjoy their garden but I can't take measures to enjoy mine... And my garden is too small for leylandii. My parents have just cut theirs down now my dad's too infirm for stargazing. The amount of space they've reclaimed is crazy. He'd planted them to block a neighbours security light. Fortunately their neighbour wa
  2. Thanks Peter. I'm not about to be petty or inconsiderate as that's not me, as tempting as it is. Just less considerate iykwim. Less thinking of others who couldn't care less and just putting ourselves first. I'm a people pleaser which sometimes leaves me disappointed. You'd think I'd learn... I'm hopeful we can still get out and do some kind of astronomy. At least we're south facing so our lunar views should be reasonable uninterrupted. Thanks for the links for suggestions Tiny. I'm not sure how well screening would work due to the height of the lights but will have a proper look t
  3. Thanks again. Unfortunately it looks like we might not be getting anywhere. Environmental health phoned. The guy was really lovely and sympathetic but says the legislation is clear that it’s only really for light shining in windows etc. Same with noise - has to be how it bothers you inside the house, not the garden. So although it says a nuisance in your property, it means in the home. Speaking to his wife won’t make any difference as she had resolved it until he stepped in and she’s obviously just stood aside and let him deal with it. Tbh I think that’s part of his issue with me - I think he’
  4. Thanks so much for the replies. I’ve phoned environmental health this morning and am waiting for an officer to phone me back. Sorry to hear others have had to deal with this too. It’s so frustrating. I don’t object to my neighbour having a light but what he’s put up is totally not proportionate to his needs. I appreciate the advice Ships. My neighbour is next door, to the side, rather than behind us so the light is more of an issue for our enjoyment of the garden than anything else. Would be much easier to deal with I think if it was shining into our bedrooms. I’m going to push the nuisance an
  5. Hi first post so hope this is in the right board.... My neighbour has just had four big spotlight dusk till dawn lights installed in the eaves of his house. It's like floodlights and I nearly cried when I saw them as the light pollution from them is terrible. They're not budging on switching them off when we're out. Is there anything we can do? Will the council deal with this as light pollution affecting the enjoyment of our property? Can I buy something to sit in/put out to block it out, although they're so high up and cover the full length of their garden that I don't know if this is possibl
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