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  1. Thanks for all the great advice. I'll get to work by disassembling the focusser again and check that I got all these important details right. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully with a story of succes - or if not with some more questions. For now you have all been of great help!
  2. Don't remember I screwed the focusser on. It seemed to fit in a "grove" with the tiny screws. Have some homework now!
  3. Thanks for the warning. I can see the smaller tension screw on the photo in the middle of the focuser beside the long locking screw (I guess that must be it).
  4. 1 mio. thanks for the picture. Yes - there is a "locking" screw in the package. Had no idea what it was there for. One step ahead!
  5. 1) I'll see if I can get an extension tube and test it. Can it be my eyes needs the extension to focus? I am using the LUNT zoom, and it should fit nicely to this pre-configured package by LUNT scope/focusser/diagonal/eyepiece. 2) looked to see how to adjust the focusser play/slip (or anything), but could not see anything available to screw or tighten. Where do I look to do that? (Sorry for all the questions, but I really hope to find a solution with the help of people here at the lounge)
  6. Thanks for the pictures. What made your's slip? Is there something I can/should look for? Mine is super loose - like no hold at all. The unit seemed fine (unharmed) as I put it back onto the scope.
  7. Thanks. I did that. And it seemed that everything should be fine afterwards (I did use some - but not excessive - force. Just "tight"). Not sure why the focusser is running wild though.
  8. Will maybe be next step. But it was sent from the US to the Middle East - so I'd rather avoid that unless it's actually broken. Seems a lot of fuss for just re-mounting one little screw. But what do I know?
  9. Got my new LUNT solarscope doublestack today. However, to my horror it had "snapped" between the lens and the focuser during transport. So it came in three parts: lens, feather focuser and diagonal (see pictures). There's only three tiny, tiny screws holding the diagonal to the scope itself. One had simple "fallen" out and was lying in the plastic wrapping, so my guess is that is was not properly assembled from LUNT and the two other screws could not hold it together during the transportation stress. Anyway, I assembled the lens with the focuser using the three screws - all looked and seemed well. BUT: 1) the focusser is so loose that it slides directly forth and back into and out of the scope. So it does not hold focus when looking "up". Feather focus or not - that has to be a mistake?? 2) I can for the life of me not get any proper focus. I am a newbie, so it could be user error. But it could also be I made a mistake putting it together? Have an automated setup - so the scope slews correctly into position. There's no problem "finding" the sun. Whats's up? Have I assembled the focusser wrongly? It is just completely broken and needs to go back? There where no other parts lying around and everything seems and looks nice - its just not working. Should add that the seeing was not the greatest in that it was afternoon and the sun was over an urban district. But I should still see something - right? Thanks for any advice!
  10. In other news saw someone is working on a 0.4x reducer for the Edge HD to come in 2021. Maybe be a good compromise to have 0.7x and 0.4x reducers and skip the Hyperstar. Time will tell.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions! I understand about the gradient. But that's mostly a management problem here. Did see a couple of pictures of isolated scopes - its an option that I'll keep in mind if need be. Happy seeing!
  12. Thanks! I thought so. Just wondered when reading so many "complain" about bad seeing because of scope airflow, preferring using closed scopes etc.
  13. Newbie question here. I understand the need to ensure relative equal temperature within the SCT and the ambient temperature. However, I always leave my photo gear outside in a sealed bag for a few hours before shooting in extreme humid, hot or cold weather, sometimes with some added Scilica gels bags. Any reason not to do the same with the scope and be rid of any problems with unwanted air flow.
  14. Nice place for sure. That's were they shot some of the "Spaghetti Westerns" if I remember correctly? My wife and I have planned a Bortle 1 "astro" week next year. That will ensure a few days of great seeings! Happy seeing!
  15. Live by the dessert and have 95%+ clear skies. But I cannot seem to get hold of a scope without going through leaps and bounds for months - and I'm still not there. Go figure.
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