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  1. After a bad case of Aperture Fever, I went from the title of this topic to this. I still have to dial in the backfocus and wire it up. First light tomorrow if the clear skies and my back hold out.
  2. I’m scopeless and mountless. During the sale of my FRA400 I managed to fetch a good price on the CEM25ec. I sort of outgrew the Lightweight part and I’m working on loosing the affordable part too. I will be running a CEM40 . I have not chosen the heavier scope I might run on it and again I am open to suggestions. However, I must have EAF compatibility and that is not always easy. I have taken this down time to build the convertible visual/imaging train but all I have to install it on is my future guidescope. I might try and see what kind of guidestar numbers I can get but that’s about all the trouble I can get into right now.
  3. With the creation of the Frankenscope: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/365294-affordable-lightweight-observing-scope-for-a-cem25ec/?do=findComment&comment=3979951 It is clear that I can't carry this scope mounted to the mount and mount mounted to the tripod even just to the backyard. From my tests. I must carry the CEM25ec and 2" tripod together (sans CW) and just mount and balance the scope each night out as we all do. My projected observing build will be pushing the payload limits of the CEM25ec. Solution? I'm going to upgrade to a CEM40 of course. They appear to be in stock. If I downgrade to the 1.5" tripod the carry weight for the CEM40/1.5TP is the same as the CEM25ec/2"TP but handle much more payload. I'm closing in on the completed kit... just doing the backordered waiting game now.
  4. I'm testing this weekend using the only instruments I have right now. I'll call this one cyclops. haha My goal is to see how well the guidecam will do with ASIAIRPRO Polar Alignment and Goto for a 2 50mm scopes that will one day be my RASA's guidescope and finderscope.
  5. I'm putting together a reel with 200ft cat 5 cable and 200ft extension cord heat shrinked so I can image from the comfort of my studio. As you know I'm also planning try my hand at observing. You have to be present in the elements to win. I have never imaged anywhere other than this Bortle 6 backyard but it sure is convenient. I was looking at the light pollution map for best case scenario dark spot close by. It's all over an hour away to get away from Jackson lights.
  6. Wow Alan, we are practically neighbors. I live north of Jackson. I will PM you or you me and we can discus some dark sky locations off of 55 between us. I was looking west of Vaughn. That's closer to me than you. I bet you know some other places. It's good to meet you. Very informative post. My last post crossed with yours but it sounds like I was answering you. haha I didnt't realize the tropics went so far north.
  7. Living in the muggy south and set up by the pond in my backyard.I am usually a believer in dew protection both active and passive. I guess I did think that the CC would not be as prone as most designs. Heck I don't know enough to know where to put a heater strap on a cc. LOL I suppose at the bottom where the mirror is but I've never seen one equipped with either a dew shield or dew strap. I've purchased this design and I really know nothing about it except what you guys have said so far. I'm all ears.
  8. Alan, I very appreciative/ interested in your reply and I will look over all that you have said but this is very important. Is the Orion version of the CC6 possibly inferior to the Stellalyra CC6? I thought It was the exact same scope with the same manufacturer. I know that Orion does not have the best reputation in some cases but I was looking for affordable. Should I just wait for FLO to get some Stellalyra CC6's back in stock... It's the same price... In your opinion that is.
  9. Hmmm. Sounds worth it then. With all of the weight I'm planning to put on it the Steeltrack will probably put less stress on the EAF. This is the new adapter that I had selected to Attach the Steeltrack to the OTA. Will this work? https://agenaastro.com/baader-m90-adapter-bds-diamond-steeltrack-rt-focuser-2957283.html I saw a post somewhere about a "new" Steeltrack with ClickLock could you please give me the model number for the newest Steeltrack that will work with the CC? I want to make sure I get this right.
  10. @johninderby and others who have upgraded the Stellalyra CC 6 to the Baader Steeltrack. Until someone comes up with a EAF clutch. (you listening ZWO?), I will never touch the fine-tune knob as mine will be locked down to a ZWO EAF Autofocuser with no freewheel clutch. I must use autofocus, the ASIAIRPRO on-screen controls(UGH) or the EAF remote to focus. I will also have manual Baader fine-tune focus controls at the Eyepiece. Do you think I would benefit much from the Steeltrack upgrade, if I'm only as good as the resolution of the EAF?
  11. I'm getting ready to find out what the limits of a CEM25-EC are in a BIG way. (See my Photoshop Kludge in my last post on this topic for a laugh. Now I want to add a cooled color camera too.
  12. Thank you for you input on this,Alan. I may not have much observing experience but I hope to have great tracking with the ASIAIRPRO and an OAG. It's funny how my imaging mind works... This lasted as a "observing only" rig for about a week.
  13. Somewhere along the way "Affordable, Lightweight" became this monster. I'm up to 16.7 kg without the CW so I'll be breaking this down to carry it. However everything is mounted/wired to the scope so all I have to do is balance and power it up. Even though the CC is not designed for imaging, I can't resist setting this up for mono planetary imaging. With the Baader flip mirror I can go visual or imaging (or a combination of both) with the flip on a knob I can also utilize the ASIAIRPRO's Polar Alignment, GoTo ,Plate Solving and Autofocus even when observing. I hope for this to be a very flexible kit. Attached is a Photoshop kludge of what I hope to build .
  14. Im in the US so I ordered the Orion CC6. Thanks for everyone that contributed to this topic. I learned a lot from you as I always do.
  15. Quick answer is NO. I was removing the counterweight with my Askar Fra400 but it was so light that I could practically run it with nothing but the CW bar. (of course I didn't) It was also safe when I set it down without the CW long enough to install it. The entire kit was only a 11kg carry to the backyard. When I started this visual carry kit idea I was thinking of a C6 or the 127. Without the CW the entire kit weighs about 14kg. Then aperture fever set in. Now I'm up to 20kg with the 150. I can lift 20kg but not when it's so awkward and valuable. I'm not sure it would be safe without the CW until it was installed. The jury is still out on this idea... Imaging rigs can be very lightweight but a visual kit will have to be very underpowered to remain an easy carry. That's why I'm asking for ideas. I like the SCT on an Alt/Az goto mounts for a family kit but the whole point of this idea is to find a use for the unused CEM25ec. Shipping costs have made selling it, giving it away and it's a month old.
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