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  1. So that's what it would feel like to fly to the moon. Thanks for that, fantastic!
  2. Similar to other posts I just removed the bracket on the scope for the stock finder and slapped it straight on there which works great for me. BEWARE - If you do decide to go for this option make sure the opening of the scope is tilted slightly forward of horizontal to make sure nothing goes down towards your primary blooming gravity what's it ever done for us eh? Then put your hand inside along the wall of the scope underneath the bracket as there are two nuts and a 2" square plate which will all be above the secondary in this position. Hope that makes sense
  3. There is the most amazing clear sky up here right now. I can see Sirius glinting away out the window (tempting me) and it was a murky old pea souper of a day until about 18:00. I think it might turn out to be worth a shot after all I'm off to put the gear out to cool down
  4. lovely It's amazing to see the motion of the clouds looking so much like waves.
  5. Very nice! The mono image is my fave, it seems to have more detail. I can pick out more background galaxies in it that I can the colour. Or is it just me?
  6. Yup you're right should have mentioned that and that it's Available until 1:19AM Thu, 21 Apr 2011. I'd say it's very much worth a watch if anyone hasn't seen it already.
  7. The Wonders of the Solar System http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00rf172/Wonders_of_the_Solar_System_Original_Series_Empire_of_the_Sun/ is on iPlayer atm if anyone wants to watch or download the series as I've just done. Saves buying the dvd
  8. I've found the best way to get an accurate weather forecast is by looking out the window. Failing that Met Office: British Isles: Infrared satellite imagery can be handy for showing the endless approaching clouds up until the last hour. http://www.sat24.com/gb seems a bit more detailed though so thanks for that one
  9. Cracking pics! Is it just me or does the outer edge of the rings appear to be straight where it crosses in front of the planets disc? Is that a common optical foible? Just a question from a curious noob
  10. It was scrapped by Obama check out the rover they ploughed loads of money into all for nothing NASA - NASA's Next Generation Moon Rover . James May drove it in an episode of Top Gear, after the project was scrapped mind . Such a shame It would have been wonderful.
  11. just eek. It feels like you're swimming through the picture when you view the large version. Love it
  12. That was brill, thanks for the link. I bet a kid would still manage to break the camera within a couple of minutes of getting hold of it though
  13. I really don't want to add to the confusion I'm sure you're going through but I would just like to point this out Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian . £5 under budget and the very scope I'm saving for to purchase next year after spending 3 - 4 months crawling these great forums for knowledge on this very subject. I'd also say bear in mind at the very minimum as extras go you'd want to get (or tell your partner they'll need) a collimation device (not hard to use how to guides on youtube etc.) I know I'd be over the moon (pun intended) if I got that for Chrimbo
  14. Thanks for the great replies and advice folks. I guess I'm sold then. I might hold off for a bit and let the pennies build up before I rush in. But saying that by the time you've read this my order will probably be in.
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