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  1. Thank you Geoff. I’ve seen one I like the look of called the revelation imager 2 it’s aproxx £300. It seems to be able to do all that I want it to do, but apparently it is only 0.3mp. I was thinking it may need more than that for a crisp clear view.
  2. First of all a big thank you for those people that gave me a warm welcome and reply to my first post. the equipment I have so far nexstar 5se, 25mm Plössl, 14.5mm Plössl, skywatcher 8-24 zoom and a 2x Barlow. I want to be able to maximise the use of the scope by using it on terrestrial targets during the day. For this I understand I require an erecting prism. Could some one point me in the right way for a decent one? secondly, having surfed around the internet i’ve come Across what I would really like to do with the scope at night. Which would be to sit in the comfort of my sofa and observe from there without having to fiddle about with eyepieces and focus. Originally I was going to buy the starsense auto align, the WiFi portal ( only because I know that they would be totally compatible with the 5se ) and a decent eyepiece set. Total outlay £700-£800. There are apparently different things on the market that will do what I want so I’m seeking advice as to what to get for my budget. I’d want to be able to sit in the house, have the scope auto align and view from either an iPad or iPhone. I’m not really interested in taking too quality photos, maybe just a screenshot of what I’m seeing. But. I would like the view to be as clear as possible with the budget that I’m thinking of. Many thanks for any advice that can be given
  3. tel65


    Pleasure to meet you too. I hope you find this site as helpful as I am. Lots of interesting things on here.
  4. tel65


    Cheers Steve. I’ve been learning lots of things on this site and I’m enjoying it.
  5. tel65


    Thank you for your reply starwatcher. I’ll be sure to check the springs and maybe give them a light sand with some wet and dry paper later. I did check the emitter and there was no light, gave it a tap and the light came on. Already put a new battery in it. To be honest though it looks very cheaply made. I’ve been looking at reviews and the telrad does look like good one, looks like more money I have to spend. I am still reading a lot about eyepieces and still can’t decide what to have. And still don’t know what erecting prism to get. I’d like quality, but not have to pay too much for it. Eventually what I’d like to do is just sit inside and look at the image on a laptop but I don’t know if that’s possible or what I’d need to be able to do that. I know there are usb cameras, but what I don’t know is if you can use them to zoom in onto a target.
  6. tel65


    I’ve looked at the bst range, it appears they used to do a set, but can’t see one available. Are they as good as the Baader classic Q ? My mind is still thinking of the Baader zoom with Barlow at the moment as I’m a bit lazy with changing eyepieces. At the moment I’m not using the scope because the red dot finder isn’t working properly and the only way to get it to work is to play around with it by tapping in quite hard. This then sets it out of alignment and it takes me ages to align it again. I could Also do with advice on a decent finder. Bearing in mind that it will have the starsense auto align on it too.
  7. tel65


    Thank you Mark. It came with a 25mm. I’m definitely suffering light pollution as quite a few of my neighbours leave their patio lights on all night. I don’t know how to combat that. I’ve read about light pollution filters but don’t know if one of those would work with so much light around me.
  8. tel65


    Thank you Mark. It came with a 25mm. I’m definitely suffering light pollution as quite a few of my neighbours leave their patio lights on all night. I don’t know how to combat that. I’ve read about light pollution filters but don’t know if one of those would work with so much light around me.
  9. tel65


    Thank you Peter. Taking photos is something I’d like to get into one day but at the moment I think I’m better off concentrating my efforts on getting to know how to use a telescope properly then maybe just maybe I’ll be good enough to take a photo.
  10. tel65


    Hi All and thank for accepting me to this forum. As a complete newbie and having read so many comments and looked at the advice given on here, I decided to take the plunge and buy a telescope. I’ve never had one before and never looked through one either. I bought a NexStar 5se which I got for a very good price. I know from reading comments that I should go for the biggest but I was able to get the 5se cheaper than I could the 4se. The 6se was too expensive for me and as it’s my first scope I didn’t want to spend too much and find i didn’t enjoy the hobby. As a typical beginner I didn’t see much at first and was starting to lose patience, then I got a little help and managed to solve a couple of problems and I’m now ready to start my shopping list. As with all hobbies it can get quite expensive, but I believe buying quality equipment will last longer and also be more beneficial in the long run. I’m already acquiring the starsense auto align and WiFi portal. So hopefully they will make life a bit easier for me to find things. So first on my list is an erecting prism so I can use the scope during the day and looking out at ships on the horizon. Secondly is some decent eyepieces as only one came with it. I’m thinking of buying a 2” erecting prism and eyepieces. Would they be more beneficial? as I am struggling with eye relief using the one that came with it. When I knew I was getting the scope I bought a second hand Sky-Watcher zoom eyepiece 8-24 but I have a feeling this was a cheap Chinese copy because there is no name on it. I could do with advice on what make a decent erecting prism would be. With the eyepieces I’ve been looking at the Baader zoom which I could get at roughly the same price as the Baader classic Q set. Also in that price bracket is the Celestron eyepiece set. If I bought the Baader zoom then I’d also buy the Barlow to match with it. So approximate budget for eyepieces is about £250. I like the idea of the zoom because if I do get a 2” prism then the Baader zoom will still fit. But I guess it all depends on whether 2” would be better for me or not. I’d appreciate anyones thoughts and comments on this.
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