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  1. Hey all So we got our eyepiece kit from FLO btw was really fast delivery. So we went for: Eyepiece Sets - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit Cannot wait for clear skies to try the new lenses out especially the plossl 32mm (projection/visual) eyepiece which i can attach my DSLR camera to it so yeah should be pretty good.
  2. so those first set the revelation ones they would work well with my celestron astromaster 130eq?
  3. would this case of eyepieces do the job? Celestron EyeOpener Eyepiece/Filter accessory kit on eBay (end time 25-Aug-10 13:36:38 BST)
  4. Hi all I have a Celestron astromaster 130EQ. I was wondering if you could tell me what the best eyepieces would be to get to see planets and galaxies etc etc. Thanks in advance Mrshredder2
  5. ok mate will do i'll try that link when we get some paper and card. cheers for the advice mate
  6. ok mate if the skies stay clear i'll try that mate cheers
  7. Hi all Last night I saw Jupiter for the first time and took a picture through my Celestron Astromaster 130EQ telescope using my Canon EOS 1000D DSLR camera with a 2x barlow and T-Adaptor to attact camera to the telescope. Here is the image i got: I know its not the best but it is a start for me. Is there any tips you can share with me to take a better picture of this planet as im very interested in getting a better one. Thanks in advance Mrshredder2 All i got to view it with is a 10mm and 20mm eyepiece.
  8. Hi all sorry no pictures to show you but i saw a few perseids last night was pretty amazing never seen any like it the first one i saw was just at the end of its passing over and it looked like you could actually see it burning up it went from a green/blue to a red/yellow color, was really good, but the most amazing thing was we focused the telescope onto a bright object(which i saw on the way home from the pub last week) which i think was rising from the east and i knew it was something cause it was brighter than any other star in the sky, so we got the telescope out and what did have in front of our eyes for the first time, JUPITER(i think lol) and 4 moons lol me and my brother where like at last we actually seen a planet lol we got a few pics of jupiter but no really good ones but if you want me to i will post of pic up if you say so lol.
  9. Last night i was outside with my brothers pair of binoculars they are not designed for astronomy but i saw more stars then i can normally see. Just wondered what the best pair of binoculars are for under £300 as im really interested in getting a pair. I would like a pair that can view nebulas etc etc? Also what other objects could i see if i get a decent pair of astronomy binoculars? Cheers in advance.
  10. Hi Eon Im just down the road in Stubbington Have a look round and make yourself at home Welcome to the forum.
  11. ok thank you both for the suggestions really appreciate it. i was look at the skywatcher explorer 130 synscan AZ goto before we got our current one but wasnt sure what it was like lol.
  12. Hey all One day in the future i will be looking to upgrade to a better telescope as the celestron astromaster 130eq is good but i would like to get a better one. Could you please post up some suggestions preferably ones round the £250-300 price mark, also what goto is that a feature where you can choose what place you want to view? if so i want one of them on there too lol. Cheers all Mrshredder2.
  13. ok mate using liveview on the camera when i get some money im gonna get myself a cheapish laptop so i can use live on it. ok cheers mate i'll try that one night then. any other help also will be greatly appreciated.
  14. so try and focus it in daylight what would you suggest i try and focus on? any other settings on the camera i should do? btw cheers peter
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