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  1. Nice image, I like these wide field galaxy shots. The galaxies and stars have nice colours in them. I'm no expert, but the background doesn't look too bad in my eyes. However, I do feel your pain, making the background look good in my images drives me mad due to never having enough imaging time.
  2. Decided to bite the bullet and try PixInsight instead of my normal SiriL/Gimp workflow. It isn't exactly the most intuitive of packages to use but works very well once you get used to it. I've spent the afternoon redoing my image as I think I over processed the last one a little; I like my images to look a bit 'soft' if that makes any sense.
  3. We had another clear night up in the NE of Scotland so took the opportunity to have a go at M101. This is probably my 10th attempt at processing this data over the past couple of days, my PC was in danger of being launched out the window so going to call it a day for now. Still not entirely happy with it, but glad to finally have an image of M101 (never imaged it before). Anyway, this was 75 x 180s subs using the Optlong L-Pro filter.
  4. I was initially worried about Starlink trails after seeing how many would cross my field of view in Stellarium, but DSS seems to do a pretty good job of removing them using Kappa-Sigma clipping as mentioned above. I too had around 10-15% of my subs with trails but in end it wasn't an issue.
  5. Wow, fantastic image. Really like these wield field images.
  6. No such luck here in Aberdeen, it's currently snowing!
  7. Thank you for the kind words. I didn't really notice the green cast at first, but when I went back and adjusted the levels it became very apparent indeed. Very happy with the image now, can't wait for the next clear night to do some more imaging. I certainly wish I hadn't waited so long before getting back into astrophotography again.
  8. Thank you. Aha, you are quite correct. I did have the background a more neutral colour but ending up fiddling with the image again which seems to have altered the balance. I'll go back and tweak it again. I do an initial colour calibration in SiriL and then edit in GIMP.
  9. Like everyone else I took advantage of another rare clear night and had a go at M81 and M82 with my Esprit 100 and ASI2600MC Pro. I have been quite surprised with the images I have been getting given that the scope is still setup in my work office garden under Bortle 7/8 skies. Still looking forward to taking it home where I have Bortle 3/4 skies. This was 110 x 120s subs using an Optolong L-Pro filter.
  10. Spent the evening (and early hours!) re-processing my image from scratch. Much happier with the result now. Thanks to all who offered advice/tips etc.
  11. Thank you again That's looking a lot better. I am currently using SiriL and then finishing off in GIMP. I haven't played with the Hue-Chroma tool though, something I will definitely look into.
  12. No problem at all Thank you for having a go, that does indeed look much better. I'm always torn between going too subtle or too far when processing, so it's good so get second opinions I still need to work on some noise reduction as I'm still struggling to get my backgrounds quite how I want them.
  13. Thank you I might have a play later on and try and improve it.
  14. Lovely clean images. I'm still struggling to get images this nice with my setup.
  15. Finally had a clear night to get some imaging done. Only managed to get 2.5 hours before the clouds rolled in, but I'm fairly happy with the result. Anyway, this was 75 x 120s subs using an Optolong L-Pro filter with my Esprit 100 and ASi2600MC Pro. Really like the wide field the Esprit gives on subjects like this. I have been planning to get an 8" EdgeHD for galaxy work but think I will hold off for a while.
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