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  1. Hey Darren, a belated thanks for another great SSP! A short report will feature in a future issue of AN in the Grassroots Astronomy society pages. Will post when it appears if people are looking out for it! Emily
  2. Great, well I'll definitely be there from Thurs afternoon to Sat afternoon anyway :-)
  3. Hiya I'm sure people would prefer practical astro talks (I know I will appreciate those!) but if you fancy something a bit different then I'd be happy to give a News Roundup of everything I've been reporting on in the world of Astronomy Now in the week or two leading up to the star party... as it happens I've just been booked to give that very talk at Kelling Heath on the Sunday 3rd, but I'm still aiming to be at SGL6 Thurs-Sat and am very much looking forward to it :-) Emily
  4. Hey Darren, and everyone... I'm slowly emerging from the AstroFest Aftermath so sorry for being massively quiet the last few weeks (and months!), but a few days in October should be just fine for me. Well done on working so hard to make it all happen, I know how busy you are! Oh, I've just seen I'm doing a talk at Wiltshire AS on 1 Nov, that is very convenient indeed!!! PLease keep those Oct dates and I'll spend Mon/Tues working from a field somewhere in Wiltshire...LOL!!! :-D :-D Emz
  5. Emz

    SGL6 Dates

    Thanks MikeP! Will advertise "from £11/night" unless I hear any different between now and mid-next-week when we wrap this up :-) I'm hoping to attend too :-)
  6. Emz

    SGL6 Dates

    Hey folks, Just wondering how much roughly a pitch costs for the SGL star parties? I'm putting together a star party calendar for 2011 for the AN yearbook and wanted to include a few bits of extra info. Thanks! Emz
  7. WOW I am overwhelmed with how quickly everyone has answered, and with such useful info, thank you!! :-D Yes, I think as I am quite new to all this the £5 BCC adaptor with the SW filter seems like a good place to start. Thank you so much everyone :-)
  8. Having been spoilt with lovely dark skies at the SSP, now I'm back in the city I've decided to invest in a light pollution filter for my Canon 10D (just to do star trails etc, I'm still learning!)... I was going to get this one: Light Pollution Reduction - Skywatcher Light Pollution Filter but I think I need to get some sort of step-down adaptor cos my lens is 58mm and the filter is 2 inches (50.8mm)? I don't seem to be having problem finding 58-52mm adaptors online and I was wondering if that was close enough? Or am I trying to perform the impossible?! Any tips greatly appreciated, ta muchly Emz
  9. Pleased to see this feedback on the videos :-D All shot in just a few hours and hardly any editing required thanks to Nick's fluency! Definitely hope to do more of this in the not-to-distant future...! Emily
  10. Emz

    Hello from Kent

    thank you! :-)
  11. Emz

    Hello from Kent

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to join but here I am at last I'm Emily, I work at Astronomy Now magazine and also run the Young Stargazers section of the SPA. Despite that I'm ashamed to say that I'm only just getting back into "proper" astronomy, ie actually going outside with a telescope, but thanks to a little(!) encouragement and inspiration from the likes of Richie Jarvis & Nick Howes I have just bought a Canon 10D and unearthed my 4-inch refractor from the shed, and am contemplating various other items to add to my fleet, and I'm really excited about looking at all the stuff I read and write about all day :D:D I've even been persuaded to come to the Salisbury star party, which will be the first time I've been to a star party (nervous and excited)!! I look forward to meeting some of you there and learning lots of new stuff on here too Emz
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