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  1. Thanks for the info I think it is my flat frames. I was looking at my t ring for my DSLR and noticed that it's cutting the corners of my image, so now looking into getting a bigger one if that's even a thing. My gear is a EXOS-2 mount with a Sky-Watcher 200pds and I'm using a Canon 6D which is a full framed. I tried stacking is Pixlnsight but it kept rejecting the flats probably due to the issue above. I took the flats using backyardESO and the display picture was fully white but when I looked at the canon's display screen I could see a lot of vignetting, I didn't even think
  2. Hi all can anyone tell me why I'm getting this distortion after stacking, I shot 72x50 second shots and stacked it with 20 flat 20 bias and 20 dark in Deepskystacker I used 80% stacking. I'm new to stacking and processing so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I did try to process the image in Pixelsight but I get a really bright circle in the centre of the image so maybe this is due to the stacking I'm not sure. Any help would be apricated. Thanks Bill. Veil Neb.tif
  3. Hi all I thought I would come back with a little update. So after following the tutorial that StevieDvd posted (thanks for that mate) I figured out that in fact it was my home position that was the problem. The two little arrows that are meant to point at each other are way off. I uses Sharpcap to do another Polar alignment and set my RA to the new home position and all objects are bang in the middle of my view. It's amazing how much it was off so I guess the little arrows are just for reference. I've marked the mount for future reference and for anyone with the EXOS-2 mount that's e
  4. Thank you this is very helpful, I'm starting to think it maybe a home position issue, so definitely going to try what you suggested. Thanks again.
  5. I'm in the same boat, it's a steep learning curve.
  6. Hi thanks for the reply I don't use a handset as the PMC-8 box is connected to a laptop where everything is controlled via software, I reset the alignment data each time I use it.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if I could get some help, sort of ripping my hair out a little. I have the EXOS2 PMC-8 and last night I used Sharpcap to Polar align, I set the mount up as usual and adjusted until Sharpcap said excellent Polar alignment. So my next step was to do a 3 star alignment I was using a program called Explorer Stars to achieve this, so when I asked the mount to slew to the first star it was way off even in the finder scope, is that normal? So I used the controls to get the star in my FOV and centred it, it was the same for the next two stars way off. so I did
  8. Thank everyone for the information, after a long talk with someone on the phone I have ordered an Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT with PMC-Eight Mount. I did look into the HEQ5 but couldn't find any in stock even eBay where overcharging, I hope I've made a good choice. The person I spoke to on the phone said the mount can hold up to 12.5kg for imaging and 18kg for visual and the mount is belt driven so it should be a little quieter. I guess if this setup wont work well I have the option of downsizing my scope. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the info, how heavy is your telescope?
  10. Thank you I'm starting to understand what I need now, I was told by a so called professional that the EQ5 would be suitable for the 200pds but after doing more research I'm starting to think it's not maybe he was trying to pull a fast one on me, I will definitely look into something bigger now, everything is so confusing but thanks again for the information.
  11. Yes that's right it controlled via a laptop or tablet.
  12. Hi all, I'm quite new to all this and looking into astrophotography so looking for some recommendations. I'm looking in buying a Go-To mount and I think I have narrowed it down to two mounts the Skywatcher EQ5 Pro GOTO or the Explore Scientific EXOS-2 PMC-Eight has anyone had any experience with any of these mounts? I have a Skywatcher 200PDS would any of these mounts support the scope, A few people have said the EQ5 is rather loud so that's sort of putting me of due to my neighbours. Any info or recommendations would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Bill.
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