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  1. Thanks again, Thats good news - I am hoping to go down the AP route - Mount for xmas then 3 months to decide the next OTA !
  2. Thank you guys, I just did a search for the vixen dovetail and the nexstar 127 and it said it did have that fitting so thats good news! Spikey, do you notice a big difference from the skymax 127 mount to the HEQ5, I mean I know it will be better but is it much better?
  3. Hi Guys - its been a long time. but I am back in the Astro Saddle finally! I just wanted to know if the Celestron Mak127 will fit directly on to the HEQ5 PRO Synscan Mount with no issues, or will I need to purchase anything extra, Its a pretty penny for the mount and I wont be getting a new OTA untill March, so will be using the 127 Mak for the time being. I searched the forum and seen malc-c's eq5 with the 127 but just wanted to know if the HEQ5 needed anything diffrent? Thank you and clear skies :-)
  4. Awesome pics James - not been out with my Mak 127 for a few months now due to one thing or another....these pics have spurred me right back in to it!
  5. ezza123

    happy new year

    Happy New Year to one and all :-)
  6. Awesome :-) - I cant wait to get my lazy butt out of bed to look at that beauty!
  7. Welcome from me in North Hampshire :-)
  8. Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  9. Stuart Loving the pics - Id be interested to know what the tracking is like compared to the 127 when you do have a level ground - im debating either to take the dob route or the eq route in the coming months.
  10. Looking forward to capturing Saturn with my 127Mak - Nice pics for starters :-)
  11. How did I miss this post! Loving the detail :-)
  12. welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  13. welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  14. ezza123


    Welcome from me :-)
  15. Sounds like you have awesome interesting parents! Welcome from me :-)
  16. Just wanted to say, I am amazed with the skies in the Lake District, After a very wet Journey from Hampshire, took my dog for a walk near Ambleside, looked up to the sky and had trouble working out Cassiopeia and Cygnus as there were SO MANY stars to see! The Milky Way I have never seen so clear! I mistook it for cloud!!! For the peeps that live round here, you have it real good!!!
  17. Hey Martin, Welcome from me :-)
  18. Hey Quatermass, Welcome from me in North Hampshire :-)
  19. Hello and Welcome from North Hampshire :-)
  20. Welcome Andrew from me in Basingstoke :-)
  21. ezza123

    New OTA dilemma

    welcome from me in North Hampshire :-)
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